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  1. I tried it and it did not work for me- actually tonight while driving i lost my passenger front door speaker and dash speaker- pulled the dash apart and i am getting no output from factory radio AGAIN - for the third time. might be some sort of short in the passenger speaker wire on my truck that caused a problem with my radio. Dealer replaced it 2 times already and now refuses to touch it because I replaced my speakers with aftermarket- THE REASON I REPLACED THEM WAS BECAUSE I HAD THIS PROBLEM IN THE FIRST PLACE. i dont care - i bought probably 10 gm vehicles in the past 20 years maybe more- i guess i am fone with these guys. They can lose another 20 vehicle sales over a bad speaker wire that their techs cant find
  2. I had this factory radio replaced 2x they said there is no amplifier????? a small fan might remedy this issue- its worth a try
  3. Its not “expecting to much” i have had 5 silverado pickups in the pat 12 years and currently have 2 2018 silverados- one has a radio issue and the other is fine. same problem that poster of this topic has
  4. Had my gm radio replaced 2 times now, replaced all speakers with harmon from crutchfield, been to the dealer twice- they obviously have zero clue what the problem is- now that I replaced my factory speakers the dealer said they cannot work on the problem any more because i used aftermarket equipment!! I had the problem BEFORE i changed out my speakers. Something is very wrong with this sound system- i have bought a new chevy every 2 years for the past 12 years and i will mever buy another one.
  5. I brought truck to chevy dealer- they called gm. Bad radio. Replacing tomorrow- i will see if problem is solved
  6. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about and for all you people talking about upgrades you obviously didnt hear what the guy was saying. I have had 4 silverados- and i currenty lease a 2018 silverado (non bose). I installed the kicker sub stage and replaced all 4 speakers and tweeters in dash all recommended by crutchfield- this system sounds amazing- when i say amazing i mean for about 8 minutes . I do not know what the hell is going on but the problem has to be the gm factory head unit. i also have a 2018 silverado 3500 same system minus the upgrades and that stock system i can leave full volume and listen at full volume for hours with no problem. Sommething is definitely going on with the factory head unit or something else in the truck is causing the radio to cut out and static at 3/4 volume full volume and sometimes half volume. I have about 1200 in upgrades in my silverado 1500– and the stock system in my 3500 sounds better! Something aint right.

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