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  1. I looked at lines to go but no sites ive found really says if comes with it. thanks for the help everybody
  2. where did you purchase your lines from? and would that line be the rearend crossover?
  3. so I would have to buy a complete set of brake lines for entire truck?
  4. yea I wasn't wanting to spot repair. it looks like I can just replace that line that follows rear end to side to side or am I looking at it wrong?
  5. i have a 01 Silverado that brake pedal goes to floor and determined had a rusted line that was leaking that goes from driver side rear to passenger. what line is that where I can replace it?
  6. Ive got 01 Silverado that I have been working on and was about to change fluids. its a 5.3 with floor shift 4x4. Only thing found online is if its auto or button 4wd then use differ type and if floor shift then use auto trans fluid. Is this correct and how much does it hold? Does anyone know of a page that has all fluid specs. on this model truck. thanks for the help
  7. Have a 01 Silverado 5.3 4x4. Throws a p3000 random misfire when I was pulling boat. Doesnt do it just driving. Today when drove into town I put the tow button in and light started flashing check and random misfire. It wasnt running Rough and sounded normal. Is there something I should check. Only time doing it is when i got od off or tow mode . Thanks
  8. About how far away should they be from drive shaft and should it be on towards outside of truck or inside a linkage of I what i think is for 4wd
  9. I'm in process in changing fuel lines. They are 2 peice and part the lines that run up to motor are not set right I dont think because they are almost touching front driveshaft. I read there is line connector on top of bell housing but it's not connected when took old lines off so have nothing to go off of
  10. I haven't found any air leaks and I've did all tricks over a few times. Here are my fuel trims at idle. And mass air flow rate was .7 lb.min at idle St bank 1- .8% Lt bank1- 25% St bank 2- .8 Lt bank 2 -.8% At 2000 rpm St -8 to 3.1 Lt 25% St -4.7 Lt 2.3
  11. Which 2 are the upstream. My scanner is showing bank 1 sensor 1 getting 800mv and bank 1 sensor 2 only getting to about 400. Then other 2 are 700-800
  12. I did change fuel filter and thought about changing again because I rushed and put it on with the little bit of gas and fuel treatment and ran it before I filled tank up with new
  13. Didnt hear any leak around intake. I'm gonna have someone come watch fuel trims as I try it again. The fuel pump was put on a little before it parked but I cant say for sure if it is right one or might be defective. Someone said could be a dirty or clogged injector? Anyone think that could be causing the problem. Also I forgot to mention it smells like raw or dirty fuel coming out exhaust
  14. What would be looking for on losing that fuel pressure
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