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  1. The dealer put a new fuse box in mine two weeks ago and it failed again for the fourth time. GM has no idea what is causing it. I would make them take it back.
  2. I have a 2019 At4 with the 6.2. I have had the same issue with not starting but mine throws codes. If it sits for 30 mins it will start every time. The codes always show cam sensor and low voltage. I have taken it to the dealer three times. GM engineers had the dealership replace the cam sensor (nope), reprogram (nope) and the third time go through the wiring harness and replace the fuse box. GM literally has no clue what is causing it. Just got it back today. I have zero confidence it’s fixed. Should have waited to spend $55k on something that doesn’t run.
  3. I have an AT4 and get flashed at least once a week. The funny thing is that I had a 2015 Sierra Denali that you could barely see 2 feet in front of you. The lights are why I bought the AT4!
  4. I received an update from dealer. GM told them it is a crankshaft position sensor based on the codes it gave. GM said there have been others that reported same issue.
  5. I’m sure I’ll hear the same nonsense tomorrow. It is definitely a software or hardware glitch. My info screen above the steering wheel is flickering when I started the truck the second time.
  6. My At4 with the 6.2 just did the same thing. It just kept trying to turn over and wouldn’t start. Truck has 1,700 miles. Ridiculous! I let it sit for an hour and it started like nothing happened. What did the dealer say when you took it in?
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