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  1. 20" DX blackout 20x9 -18 Nitto Ridge Grapplers 35x12.5 RC 6" lift, 1/4" spacers hollowed flaps to loose the rub, still get it once in awhile when turning tight into a slanted driveway.
  2. I put them on mine, look and work great. You have the full height of your lift and the step when you need it.
  3. Yoda2, me.... KevinO smile, not at all. If you knew what I went through prior with my '17 Sierra.. ended up with a buy back and a lot of dealer animosity. And I had the same damn issue(s) with this 2019 as with a 2017, only difference we knew where to go and not spend 3-4 months at the dealers repair shop.
  4. I had had a few leveled with the 2-2.5" kits (RC) and was always happy. This time around, I figured it might be my last new truck for a bit so I wanted to do a little more. I was going to do a 3-4" lift but ran into several tech telling I'd had to change the control arm, larger rims (the stock 17 won't fit) and a few other things. So I went to a dealer that was well known for lifting. After talking we decided to go with a 6" lift and 35" tires on 20's. All in all I love the outcome, maybe 33's when I need to replace the tries?? RC 6" lift, Nitto 12.5x35 Ridge series, XD black 20", AMP power steps.
  5. KevinO

    Tall Red-head

    My '19 1500 LT with RC 6" lift XD 9x20 and Nitto treads.
  6. GM's version of MS Blue Screen of Death. We had the same thing, a service update fixed it. Gotta love the forgotten service when paying for NEW!
  7. Some really good input there... nice looking tire. I look forward to hearing how they are in ice/ snow. Might be my next set in 20".
  8. Hoss XD 20's -18 Nitto RG 35-12.5-20 RC 8" lift, added electric steps for the Mrs.
  9. laptop died, sorry for not getting back.. Anyway, it wasn't leaking from the antenna, it was the back window. The seal was crappy and not a solid bead all around. The dealer pulled the window, cleaned it and the frame. I'm told they had a white page on this problem already. Used a hard sealer and seems to be holding. Thanks for all the input, I'll be keeping an eye on the xm antenna though, sounds like it has issues of its own.
  10. I have a 2019 Crew Cab Silverado, it surely has the newer antenna...it leaks. All the way back to the rear corner, stained, 1 month old.. waiting to find out their(dealers) game plan.
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