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  1. I'm sooooooo happy I finally got mine back yesterday (after 3 months) and not waiting for parts anymore.. This viral bug gotta go...
  2. "Anyone else regret buying a Chevy?" that's the title, it's where the whining and venting happens. <<<<<<that>>>>>>
  3. update!! Got the call from my dealer that my 'replacement' rear came in and they will be working on my truck Monday, might have it for Wed!! Waahoo I've be in a loaner or rental since 12-23-2019 3 months is totally unacceptable coming from a major maker.
  4. ....so many problems, so many recalls, and now the recalls are being recalled! does anyone else use my new gm acronym, GM = Great Mistake.
  5. I sure do... 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT Crew. after the second week, back of inside was soaked, thought the window was left open in the rain, nope the back window leaked like no tomorrow. Dealer had it several days. dried it our bur the top is stained, I bitched but they wouldnt replace it. They resealed the window, left globs of hardened glue on outer glass, edge of bed for me to scrap and clean up. The the air cleaner sensor was going crazy, checked and time or two reset twice in 1500mi. speedo and tech go nutz, cable harness came loose under hood causing comms issue to ecu. Now and final: I was in a minor accident, no fault to me or GM. Some one blew a stop and hit me dead on the Rt rear wheel. My axle and diff said to be f'd up. GM cancelled the order twice! said they cant get the complete rear made and send to me. WTF. So I am now getting the only one found in the nation.... a used rear from a repair shop because GM cant get make one. I bought or leased 12 trucks / car's since 2000 and wont do it again. I'm going DODGE after this one is repaired. I've been down since 12-20-2019 when hit. Loaners loaners...... If GM wont take care if it's buyers F'em.
  6. your level looks good. I went a little higher 6" RC with the 35x12.5 Nitto's. Your gonna like the final outcome! Good luck with it
  7. I do add a few bags of salt in the far back bed, past habit maybe. But I have salt to share for sidewalks if needed.. So far this season, not a flake to speak of, maybe in March?
  8. Yea, long talk at the dealers today. They said pretty much the same, the strike did a lot of damage to stock. And how long til parts get to the shelves is any ones guess. They have no idea as what to do... they checked for used (not what I'd like to do but...) nothing anyway. It's too early to push a buy-out but it did come into the conversation. I'm in a rental so we'll see how far the 'other guys' policy will go. I'll update as things happen.
  9. Has anyone else needed to order parts from GM and have l o n g waiting, like 7 weeks? I would have thought having a new truck there would be plenty of parts out there. I was hit in the right read wheel, dead on a 90' . The guy went through a stop at about 30ish, hit me and spoon me a bit. It hit the tire and didn't get any body, none at all. The tire gripped this bumper, grill and head lights and tossed them like rag dolls. My truck took it pretty well in appearance. The hit pushed my axle in about an inch to the drivers side. The disk break mount, pushed into the disk, unknown internal... OK that's the picture, trucks sits waiting for a new diff/ axle. The dealer noted a break in a weld, and with the shift they want to replace the entire rear. The order went in and 2 weeks later GM cancelled the order, said no axles available. And week go by and the dealer was going to get all the parts, and have one put together in-house.. Wow, sounds hard and more expensive, yep. But then a call, some of the components not available. It's brand new, parts should be the same and going out on the 20's. Dealer has no answers or a clue to the next move... Where are all the parts for the 2019 T1's.
  10. Thanks for the reply BoogerT, I just saw the post now..
  11. My local dealer said about $125 to install a factory light set I bought via ebay. I did the install and got the programming done for a six pack after hours. Didn't want the plain white so I put on the amber skin prior installing. And the dash lite does come on..
  12. Mine leaked first week after bringing it home. Took it in and they had to remove the glass and reseal it in place. I had a jacket on the rear seat, driver side and was wet, thought I left the window open but nope.... There is a GM white sheet on it.
  13. 20" DX blackout 20x9 -18 Nitto Ridge Grapplers 35x12.5 RC 6" lift, 1/4" spacers hollowed flaps to loose the rub, still get it once in awhile when turning tight into a slanted driveway.
  14. I put them on mine, look and work great. You have the full height of your lift and the step when you need it.
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