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  1. Wanted to see who else here is using there GM HD for a camper rig. Getting a bigger (than my old cowboy) camper was a big consideration while I was looking for this truck. Here's my 9.9' Security boondocking on Padre Island.
  2. I took a chance on some cheap princess auto (pro point) covers, surprisingly fit very well. They are that saddle blanket style and the grey matches the interior decent. I dont have a pic but could take one this weekend
  3. Thought id share what I did today, ive seen some pics of bow ties wrapped but no gmc's. The red emblems on a blue truck never looked right to me, so I ordered some vvivid satin black vinyl on amazon. Turned out pretty well I think, and the colour looks good too. Time will tell how it holds up.
  4. dumb question but, how strong is this plastic lower bumper to stand on? seems like a good step to get under the hood for checking fluids, seems sturdy enough but hows it attached
  5. Im curious to see what others have done too, leaning towards some hoop steps.
  6. I had a 2000 6.0 (Lq4) with over 360 000 km until the rear main seal started leaking like mad, among other mechanical (non engine) issues. It had a hard life still fired up and ran great. From the first version to the last, I expect my '18 to be just as durable if not more so.
  7. I had spills with the capless system on my first few fills too. The nozzle has to be just so as others mentioned. I also leave it for an extra 30 or so seconds after filling before removing. It seemed to me to be fuel in the hose that spills out upon removing rather then over filling.
  8. I have to admit I didnt make it through all 90 pages! I love that this blue seems to be different colours in different light
  9. After breaking off a couple clips by hitting snow with the valance I removed mine completely. I can see with the shape of the Chevys trimming may be a better option. Only thing is I think mine would look better with the chrome center, so if a blacked out bumper wants to trade....
  10. Hey gang! Ive had a few gm trucks and been on some other forums over the years. Had a '99 blazer, '88 silverado c1500, '00 sierra 2500ld, and finally bought my first new truck back in Oct. a '18 sierra 2500hd. Been looking at the different sites and this one seems to have good amount of support for the new trucks and lots of members.
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