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  1. Chevrolet 2006 starts then slowly dies

    okay i will do this today, thanks guys i will update later.
  2. Chevrolet 2006 starts then slowly dies

    I left it all night plugged in, started up this morning no problem. However I have no interior lights or any cluster lights(can’t see speed or gears or fuel) , radio is working and heat is working. What could his be ?
  3. It’s winter here so I went out yesterday to start my truck and the battery was dead. I put it on a trickle charger for about 7 hours, boosted it up “charger said 90%” when I took it off. I went to start my truck and it fired up immediately, my wipers turned on (to brush some snow off) and radio was playing. I turned it off then went to turn it back on it again fired right up easily then within seconds it slowly shut off. It sounded like something (a pump maybe) was still running while I had my key in (not sure exactly what it was). Read some things about changing a spark plug ? I will try this any other ideas of how to fix this ? Please help

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