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  1. My dads got two sets of KO2's and both are a terrible to balance. It usually takes ride matching the tire to the wheel each time to get a DECENT ride. Both sets are the same size you're looking for. I'd look for the duratrac in a different size and just stick with that. Do some reading up on the KO2 balancing issue. My dad was shocked when he did... After the fact chasing this vibration hes had.
  2. Pretty easy to follow the fog line on the road considering that's what its for, a point of reference when front vision isn't the greatest... I got flashed stock and still leveled in my 16' sierra. If my lights are bright and you flash me is that other car not blinding me? Two wrongs don't make a right. I'm of the opinion that people just see the led color and assume bright scary lights. If bright lights truly bother you, get a script and tint ya windows! As for the 14/15 model year trucks. I traded trucks with my pops for a day a few weeks back and I drove his at night and holy crap are they awful compared to my 16' even with the fogs on! will be looking into retrofitted some better bulbs in for him!
  3. interesting. I see post often and ppl are filling solo-cups and I was expecting that. Hopefully I got a good one then! haha... One can dream!
  4. I've had an Elite engineering E2-X can on my truck for roughly 4k miles now and not even a drop in the can. Plumbed correctly far as I know, in from the crankcase to the center of the can, out of the can on the lower and offset boss to the check valve(blew through this during install to verify correct flow) and then to the intake. Truck is a 16' with 30k on it. Didn't have a oil problem before just saw this can on ebay for a deal and knew from research it wouldn't hurt to have one. I almost never floor this truck or beat on it in anyway. Just covering my bases and making sure it's not an install issue...
  5. Where abouts do you live? Diversified Creations in Brighton does decent work. I would offer to do it for you but I'd be a couple weeks out myself. Why not DIY?
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