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  1. Last week. 54k was before taxes of course. I used GM financing and I got the Conquest rebate for non-GM owners. It seems Conquest is 1k in some states and 2k in others.
  2. I got 10k off of my HC. MSRP was 64k and I paid 54k after fees. This was with dealer discount and GM incentives.
  3. If I had my choice I would just have it painted or swap it with original HC parts. I’d heard wraps were a option but I don’t really know what my expectations should be and I don’t really know much about them (does it look stock). I know it would be high but I wonder what HC bumpers cost? I couldn’t seem to locate them when I dug through the catalog. As far as I can tell it’s about a 5K upcharge for me if I went for the HC. I think my wife would rather spend 2K on parts, paint, or a wrap if that’s all I really wanted the HC for Been waiting on some incentives but but there’s not much out there.
  4. I can’t really justify the extra cost of the HC either. I love the look though.
  5. Soon I will be getting an LTZ model instead of the High Country. I was wondering... 1. I’ve read mixed results on the forums about painting the chrome. Anybody have experience with this? Are the sensors affected- recalibration needed? 2. Does anyone have a part number for the High Country bumpers? I’m assuming these don’t come painted from the factory? 3. Are the RST bumpers identical to the High Country? Thanks for any replies. I’ve been trying to educate myself before I make my purchase and this forum has been very helpful.
  6. Ok. Thanks a bunch for the reply. Seems like Chevy should have added this to the list of acoustic refinements. Most people say it’s a very quiet truck so maybe the cost wasn’t worth it.
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