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  1. Yes, I know some with 14/15 may want to do a frontend swap / conversion. Edit: just realized I put my vehicle as 2015... my mistake. Used to typing that year because of my Genesis Coupe. Thank you
  2. - Taillights (with harnesses) - OEM GM Running Boards - Front Emblem / Bowtie - Lighting Harness (GM 84082072) - Black Toolbox (currently no images, will update)
  3. I have some items/ parts I no longer require or desire. Would love to get them out of my garage. Everything is off a 2016 Silverado 1500 Z71 LT Crew Cab Short Bed. - Bed caps - Headlights (no harness) Continued:
  4. I'd really like to thank TinkeringFox for the awesome video and information. Have everything installed and functioning beautifully. 36,000 lumens on that light bar. I had purchased the OEM Sierra's RED switch by jumping the gun , but I actually think the Blue & Red match the instruments cluster pretty well. I'll take some pictures of the buttons illuminated later and where I installed my relay. I had a slightly different install.
  5. Another brilliant idea, Definitely looking into wiring some additional lights, and the high beam option sounds like a great idea as they should never be on during traffic anyway, unless someone forgets to turn their high beams off headed towards me, which they are in for a surprise lol. I also plan to hang two rear facing LED ORLs for additional reverse lighting when trail driving / out in the dark. Pondering on how I desire to have those controlled , as I don't want them to be on the reverse circuit and turn on in my local grocers parking lot , and blind the masses. Thinking of using the spare locations near the traction control switch. Anyone know where to purchase those Aux switches, proper name / terminology for those switches?
  6. Once I've accumulated all the components, I think I'm going to tackle the OEM switch with BCM and aftermarket relay integration wiring first. Then get the lighting feed completely in place and leave fuse out. Then install my fixtures. Hopefully all goes well. I greatly appreciate all the input and knowledge here. I attached a few images on the trucks current state. Doesn't appear to have much done, but it's been a busy month. It was a 2016 LT Z71 crew cab. Already replaced headlights and taillights with LTZ, Weathertech Floormats, Weathertech mud flaps, removed silverado rear and side emblems, replaced side with Z71 emblems, replaced both bowties with black, replaced oversized antenna with 4", K&N intake filter, new black hitch pin, repainted hitch , had the hood, fenders, grille, front bumper, and tailgate repainted, Z71 license plate frame, Go Rhino sport bar, every exterior lamp replaced with LED. I have Weathertech window visors / deflectors in transit, as well as (5) Rigid Industries Q Series LED fixtures for the sport bar [ (2) diffused , (3) flood]. I know I've names some dinky items, but it's all added up, so I thought I'd mention them. Hopefully I'll have an update on the sport lights shortly. Thank you
  7. I appreciate the response, I went ahead and snagged a set , doesn't hurt to own a pair for the future. They are eerily similar to my MC4 crimp tool, which is for photovoltaic installation connectors , so I may already own a tool for the project, duplicates never hurt. I found the exact part number for the crimps on Amazon (25 pieces) , no image though, hopefully they are the correct female ends.
  8. The picture I posted was simply my existing switch, I believed it to be slightly different than others existing switches on this thread, prior to replacement. I do have fogs and did purchase the switch from TinkeringFox's video.
  9. I believe I answered my question about the Delphi crimps. Is the second image the correct tool , used in the video?
  10. I've run through a few pages on this thread, and watched the video a few times. I have a few questions if you don't mind. First simply being what is the part information for the Delphi (hopefully the correct name) crimp / ends, I have the number for the JST from the video being SAITS-A03T-M064, is this correct? Are they the same for the Delphi? Also, is there a link or part number to the Delphi crimp tool, or will any crimp tool be sufficient? Any and all help is greatly appreciated. I jumped the gun and purchased the Red surround switch and later verified mine are Blue (2016 Silverado 1500 LT). I wanted to attach an image of my existing switch as it doesn't resemble most on here.
  11. I was quoted by three dealers that price ($2700) and was willing to finally fork it over , as I highly desired these lights. Then I was finally provided a quote by the dealer my employing contractor gets their fleet vehicles from. $1900 out the door for both. I'm very excited, dropped the truck off today at a local auto body shop. It's getting a fresh coat on the hood, fenders, grille, bumper, and tailgate. As well as the headlight trims painted and all new bed side and tailgate caps. Will post before and after images.
  12. I would love to, but I'm supposed to return them as a core. Let me look into it and I will let you know. I got an awesome deal ($1900 new from GM) and I don't really want to screw over the gentleman that was able to provide me with that deal as he supplies the Contractor I work for , their fleet vehicles. I will see what he has to say about it. I also have LTZ tails in transit and will not need to provide a core. Doesn't seem like the tails are valuable or in demand.
  13. Very sorry about not responding sooner, been very busy. I would greatly appreciate some photos honestly. I plan on drilling my own and would like to see how others look. Anyone know around the cost of getting a bed coated?
  14. Recieved them today, 100% correct part numbers for OEM 2016 - 2018 Silverado 1500 LTZ (LED) Headlights. 84388727 84388728
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