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  1. OK, so I checked and rechecked pretty much every connection between the battery and fuse box. Nothing was adding up as everything seemed fine until I actually try to start the thing. Talked to my mechanic, he said "I bet it's still the anti-theft system. Take it to Chevy" Towed it to the Chevy dealership. Yup, just needed to reset the anti-theft system. 195 bucks. I asked them why the reset procedure I did at home didn't work. They basically said "Who knows? For some people it works, for some it doesn't." Wonderful.
  2. Hi all, Anyone with a 2007-2013 GMT800 1500 Silverado, in inches, I need: Width of headlight (inside to outside) Distance from headlight to headlight (inside to inside, from the bottom of the headlight where it meets the bumper) The top of the middle section of the bumper is a flat 'shelf' that goes from headlight to headlight. How deep is that from top to bottom (not front to back). Basically the top of the bumper 'shelf' to the bottom of the headlights. Thanks a lot!!
  3. Possible. I'll check it out. There was no sign of that before swapping out the switch and cylinder, though. So it would be a hell of a coincidence.
  4. 2008 2500HD 6.0 Swapped out the switch and cylinder. Truck wouldn't start and had the "Theft Deterrent Service" message on. Went through the relearn process: 10 minutes ON (when message goes away) 5 seconds OFF Repeat 2 more times So I turn it to ACC and I can see the Theft Deterrent message and light are gone. Great. Go start it..... everything dies. There's a tiny, brief turn from the starter, but the everything dies, no gauges or anything. Doesn't matter what position I put the key in. If I wiggle the battery wire, it turns back on, but then does the same thing if I try to start it. It's basically acting like the battery is totally dead. Measured it with a multimeter, 11.5 volts. So now I have it sitting on a charger. If that doesn't do it, what else could it be??
  5. Hi all, So I'm well versed in the differences between the 1500 and 2500. I also understand the differences between the 07-10 2500 and the 11-13 2500. I have a 2008 2500HD (pictured). Most aftermarket winch bumpers are massive and heavy and don't really offer better approach angle, which I want because I actually go wheeling with my truck. Notable: I installed a hidden winch plate that was made for 1500s "only." I just had to fab up a couple spacers because the frame is a hair wider, but the holes lined up. I have a write up over at expedition portal. So I'm looking at this bumper: https://www.roughcountry.com/gm-diy-bumper-10790c.html I feel like it COULD work, especially since it's DIY. I feel like the actual brackets that bolt onto the frame horns will be easy to manipulate. But my main concern is the contour. As you can see, the bumper follows the shape of the bottom of the grille and headlights. As far as that area, are the dimensions the same between the 1500 and 2500? If not, by how much are they off? I've read the pre-'11 2500 grille is possibly taller, but is it wider too? If no one knows the answer, if you could measure the length from the inside of headlight, from light to light, that would probably answer my question.
  6. 2008 Silverado 2500HD with 6.0 gas motor and 6L90 transmission with about 93k on it. I'm not totally sure if it's only happening when downshifting to a specific gear, but I can say sometimes, like maybe 25% of the time, there is a small "rattle" sound when downshifting. It seems to originate somewhere on the driver's side, in the engine bay, down low close to the driver's feet. To be clear, it doesn't "clunk" and I can't feel the rattle in any way, it doesn't reverberate through the pedals or the steering wheel or the body and it doesn't affect the drive at all. The downshift will FEEL normal, it's just accompanied by this rattle sound. Any ideas on this one?
  7. I have an 08 2500HD When looking at places like CustomOffsets.com the smallest recommend rim for nnbs trucks is 17". Everyone says 17 is the smallest size. But I have OEM 16 inch rims. And if search for rims for HD trucks it will display 16 inch rims as available. I thought maybe people meant that you can't fit AFTERMARKET 16 inch rim since the inside opening can differ depending on manufacturer. Anyways, what's the truth here? Can aftermarket 16 inch rims fit on HD trucks? If so, why? Because HD trucks are disc brakes all around?
  8. Thanks for your response. Do you ever offroad with it? Because I will be doing some offroading, nothing too crazy, but light to light/medium.
  9. Let me start by saying I have searched around for answer, and I couldn't find exact answers to my questions. It's about lift, offset and wheel fitment. I know this has been beaten to death. Please bear with me. What I have: 2008 Silverado 2500HD Work Truck 6.0, 6l90 extended cab short bed What I want: Level it out Fit 33s What I don't want: Extra pressure on CVs To replace my bearings every couple years Rubbing This is my first IFS 4x4. From what I understand (please correct if wrong): Lifts create pressure on the CV, shortening life span. New control arms alleviate this. Negative offset wears on your bearings. My questions: The wheels I want are -6mm, is this close enough to neutral to prevent bearing issues? If I got a 2.5 leveling kit (looking at the one from SuspensionMaxx), are there aftermarket controls arms that are made for lifts this small? With the above being said, will I clear without rubbing? Looking at 285 75R17 (approx 33 x 11) Finally, I searched around for common issues with these trucks related to anything and everything before I purchased but please any common issues that you know of I'd like to hear about them. Thank you
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