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  1. Can you fill me in on this nail polish/crayon thing? I've never heard of this before..
  2. I found it, https://www.ajtdesign-llc.com/online-store/Injection-Fob-2014-Chevy-GMC-Truck-WHITE-p119753312 It's not aluminum, I just thought it was. Still looks nice and mine broke this morning so I ordered it.
  3. I remember seeing on here once a replacement key fob case that was aluminum? I've spent the last 20 minutes searching for it but I can't seem to find anything. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
  4. That would be awesome! I looked into it but I can't seem to find parts without a commercial account.
  5. I read this whole thread and didn't see anything about this. My truck just has 2 switches (Traction Control and Bed lights). I'm wondering if anyone has bought a set of switches that includes the pedals button and used that to control something? I'm understand that the switch banks with the pedals have the momentary switches and would need latching relays if I wanted the items to stay on. My thought is to use the pedals switch to wire to some solenoids to raise and lower my rear air bags. In this scenario it would actually be better to be momentary. Any thoughts? Edit: Obviously I don't have electronic movable pedals so I don't have a use for that switch.
  6. It's not perfect and I can't make it matte because the base is glossy. But hope this gives you an idea.
  7. I have the 60/40 and all star edition and it's pretty low on the center stack under a cover close to the passenger side. You can't really see it from the seated driver position.
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