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  1. I checked the usual suspects. Rock Auto had new AC Delco for $140, but I couldn't wait for it to arrive. Napa and Advance only had remans, O'Reilly had remans for $153 and new AC Delco starters for $117, but of course no new ones in stock and none available for shipping. So I talked them down to $130 for a reman. Looked to be a quality reman, even had bench test result printout in the box. All put in and now it starts great, starter sounds great (sound file attached). All ready for work tomorrow. Voice 008_sd.m4a
  2. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it. I stopped by the GMC dealer on the way home from work, remans are $300, new are $260 but no dealers in Indianapolis have starters in stock.
  3. The starter motor on my 2015 6.0l sounds like it's struggling. Sound file is attached. I'd appreciate if you all could listen and give me your opinion. Sounds kind of like a low battery but it's not. I replaced the battery just to be sure since it was of unknown age. Is my starter going bad? 6.0 starting.wav
  4. New to the forum. Here's my truck as I got it, and as it sits now.
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