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  1. Thanks man. This was on the way back from a trip to New Hampshire. She was already rusty on the front steering components and small frame areas, but the salt didnt help any so I washed her off as soon as I could. Now shes just dirty lol. I built her to be used, dirt be damned.
  2. Truck of the month is a great idea. Doesn't have to be anything crazy. I love seeing other peoples rides, they'realways different. I'll even submit mine as she sits.
  3. 11B1P turned 11B via med drop because of a jump injury. Good to see some other troopers in here.
  4. Man I miss the state a lot. However,the truck is originally from New York so it's been slightly lightened already by good old new england lol.
  5. That's awesome. Good to see forum members around here.
  6. What's up guys, I'm Shaun. I recently purchased a 2015 silverado after much debate and have been scouring the forums for information. I finally decided to register and be a part of the community. I guess my general goal for my truck is a fullsize overlander. This will take years to complete due to pocket change being low, but the goal is in place. I guess about me is next. I reside currently at fort bragg North Carolina. I'm a disabled veteran just making my way through life although I'm Originally from New Hampshire. Hopefully I can bring ya'll a fun build once it starts to really get rolling. Thanks for your time!
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