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  1. Honestly, not sure if the truck came with OnStar. Never subscribed to it. I took some photos of options sticker and interior for further reference. The Bluetooth input/output on voice worked fine with original IO4 so I’m stumped as to why it’s not functioning now. *tried uploading photo of mic above driver side visor but wasn’t successful. It’s there though.
  2. @NitroDatsik, thanks for your response buddy. I have replaced IO4, 4” screen, radio module, monochromatic DIC and standard steering wheel w/o audio controls with the following: - IO5 / 2.5HMI (Programmed by WAMS) - Radio Module (Programmed by WAMS) - Color Z71 DIC (Programmed by WAMS) - Leather wrapped steering wheel w/ full controls. (Non-heated) The replaced parts mentioned above have already been installed and plugged into the original harnesses. I am experiencing two bothersome issues currently as the truck sits: 1) Steering wheel illumination isn’t lighting up. 2) Bluetooth will connect, I can hear/receive incoming calls BUT can’t communicate. The other side can’t hear my voice. Also, no voice commands function either. (Steering wheel command and Siri AppleCarplay not receiving input) Disclaimer: I have NOT started/completed the modified wiring that needs to be done in order for steering wheel controls to properly function. Will doing this resolve the issues I’m experiencing or am I missing something? I am hiring a mobile electronics technician to do the wiring/splicing needed and want to make sure everything is done in one shot! Hopefully @Harlech , @pgamboa , @GTPprix , @richamor Or any other pros can give some further insight. To reiterate; I have a 2015 2500HD WT w/ IO4 option code. Huge thanks to WAMS for the programming and getting my project closer to completion.
  3. Question: Does following this wiring schematic also give illumination to steering wheel controls? I have a 2015 WT that I upfitted pretty much exactly the same as OP did. Had been patiently waiting to get all programmed parts back from WAMS and just spent a couple hours putting together thinking at this point it was all going to be plug and play! Sadly mistaken, steering wheel controls on new leather-wrapped steering wheel aren’t interfacing with cluster or radio... This is why this community is the best because I thought I was going to be S.O.L. until I found this post! You guys are awesome. Hope someone can answer my question about illumination on steering wheel.
  4. Great thread brotha!! You’re a life saver. Can you confirm this process / P/N will work with a 2015 2500HD as well? I went on a witch hunt to find all the parts you listed and have finally found them, getting ready to order today and just want to be sure.
  5. 1) That’s great to know, probably much more affordable to go this route vs. buying an aftermarket OE style kit that are $1k+ Did you acquire the new wire harness from the salvaged yard or did you purchase it from the dealer/third party? Was it affordable to have the dealership unlock the HMI for use? 2) Relieved to know it can be done and didn’t waste $200 on a new cluster. I also purchased a z71 style cluster. I’m assuming I/P is synonymous somehow with instrument cluster... As far as right side steering wheel controls go, was this plug and play? Or did you have to do any wiring/splicing? I wonder if the cluster is something that the dealership can also program or if it has to be sent to a third party such as White’s? You're absolutely right, this site is a wealth of information and was the reason I was glad to join and support. Thanks again for all the help brotha, it’s greatly appreciated.
  6. Good to hear you’re making head way. With so little help/discussion on the topic, I’m realizing how much time, trial and error it can be to upgrade these trucks. Couple questions: 1) For your radio upgrade, did you DIY source the parts or buy a kit from a company like MVI, etc? What features did you get out of the radio upgrade? 2) On your steering wheel, did you buy a whole new wheel or did you add these features DIY? Do you have steering wheel controls now? Did you upgrade your cluster? Sorry for the question storm, I’m eager to get started on this build and any info helps
  7. Just started a thread on a similar topic, would like to upgrade my 2015 Silverado 2500HD with the following: - LCD color displayed instrument cluster - Steering wheel controls - Tailgate Backup Camera If anyone has info on how to successfully do this, please let me know! Would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hey guys, new member here. I decided to join this forum because of how awesome the community is on providing answers and solutions to somewhat elusive topics elsewhere on the internet. I'm excited to be a part of this awesome community and help contribute when possible! I currently own a 2015 Silverado 2500HD W/T (work truck). Although these trucks come well-equipped in comparison to previous generation work trucks, there are still some features that us W/T guys are missing that I would like to upgrade to. So let's call this the "W/T Modernization" thread. My aim is to provide a solid thread to answer some of my questions and also help other W/T owners find the information they're looking for in regards to upgrading their truck. Here is a list of mods I would like to accomplish: - OEM 8" Touchscreen display w/ IO5/6 HMI module for Factory Nav. (LT+ models) - LCD Color-display instrument cluster. (LT+ models) - OEM Steering Wheel Controls (SWC) on the right side of steering wheel. - OEM style tailgate backup camera. - Z71 style front grille approach camera. I have found a good amount of information so far on upgrading these trucks from an IO4 to an IO6 HMI module in order to support an 8" OEM touchscreen along with factory nav, Apple CarPlay, etc. From my understanding, there are companies you can contact to purchase full plug & play kits for about $1k. This seems to be the easiest and most expensive way. I attempted a DIY approach by buying an OEM take-off 8" display on eBay, but the problem is in the HMI module. These need to be pre-programmed in order to plug and play and there is no open-source software to do so. The issues I'm having is obtaining clear, concise information on performing the remaining upgrades. Instrument Cluster / Steering Wheel Control Upgrade: - So far I have purchased an OEM take-off instrument cluster from a Z71 package truck of the same year. This new cluster swapped out and powered up from the original harness just fine. Upon startup, the display states "Action Required: Cluster Programming" along with a plethora of service warnings such as "Rear Axle, TPMS, Front Camera" etc. Unlike the original cluster which has a manual push-pin selector to clear service codes and change menus, the new cluster does not have a manual selector. This leads me to assume that the only way to interface with the cluster is by steering wheel controls. My W/T has cruise control on the left side of the steering wheel which is interfacing on the new cluster but does not have a right side control/selector. Can I simply add additional SWC selector to the right side of my existing steering wheel or do I need to purchase a whole new steering wheel? Is this plug and play? Once installed, will it properly interface with the new cluster? How do you properly program the new cluster? is it auto-programmable or do I have to take it in/send it off to somewhere? Rear/Front Cameras: - Rear OEM tailgate handle back-up camera is a necessity; especially since the truck is a crew cab long bed. Does anyone know if these trucks in this year come pre-wired to add on a tailgate camera? Will it properly interface with the new 8" screen? This is a priority over front camera which is just added luxury. Same questions apply to front camera. If anyone can point us in the right direction for a quality OEM style camera, that would be awesome. Thanks a ton, Kole (ChadwickDMAX) Southern California
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