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  1. If I can identify which intake valve seal is leaking(by a dirty plug) would this be something I could fix myself as I feel i am somewhat mechanically inclined person? What’s the likely hood that it’s more than one valve seal that is leaking. Or should I leave a job like this to a real car mechanic?
  2. ya it just seems to be the first start of the day. I just never remember seeing it before. seems like a new problem. other than that its more of an annoyance than a problem. I have an older tahoe which doesnt have this problem i just thought it odd for a newer vehicle.
  3. Is this a common issue and something i should just live with? Could this have anything to do with the collapsed lifter failure? Ive read about these issues on motors with 200K + miles on them but 65k seems kinda early. Thanks for your help
  4. Hi, I have a 2016 silverado 5.3 1500 with just under 65k miles on it. Lately on the first start in the morning I'm getting a brief puff of bluish smoke. it quickly disappears after a few secs and doesn't seem to happen again until the next morning. Does this sound like a pcv valve issue, or something worse like valve seals? Also when the truck had around 57k miles on it I had a collapsed lifter on the passenger side which was fixed under warranty. I appreciate any help with resolving this issue since the truck is out of warranty now. TIm
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