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  1. Hello All! This is my first post here. Hope I’m doing this right.... I’m new to Diesel Land and have done a few things on my own so far by research. The one thing I’m having a hard time finding is how to remove the smoked cab lenses on my roof! Woke up this AM with water everywhere. Looking at the front and back of the middle light bar, there’s a gap. It could use some silocone I guess after I remove and clean the lens. I’d like to inspect further but can figure out how to remove the lens. Last thing I want to do is go gorilla with a flat head screwdriver! Any suggestions on how to remove..? Is it a tab or a pinch and lift? Also, any recommendations for a durable silocone for all weather applications on a roof? I don’t think The Lowe’s Depot have anything that is worth my while... thanks for any help!!
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