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  1. Just start burning rubber, or do what I did and tell the wife it’s for safety 🤓
  2. Won’t let me upload pics, says it’s too big, any way around that?
  3. I will rained all day today I’ll try and get some up tomorrow! I am very happy with the overall appearance. I’ll get them up tomorrow!
  4. Just had 295/70r18 Mastercraft mxt put on the truck today, no rub anywhere and these tires are quieter than the duratracs. Upload pics once I get a chance
  5. Trailboss oversize tires

    Do you think a 285/75/r18 duratrac which measures 35.1x11.2 would fit stock trail boss on factory rims or 295/70 is the biggest you can go, if not I’m getting 295/70 st maxx’s
  6. I do like those, but I still want to know if this size will fit stock.
  7. I’ve also had my eye on 295/70r18 Cooper st max, I think those would be a perfect fit for stock? Any one have any input on that set up?
  8. Would love to see those tires on a stock trail boss, I want new shoes but don’t know what max tire size is on stock. You think those bf’s would have fit with out the level?
  9. Curious if any one is running 285/75r18 on stock trail boss. Looking to get same duratrac tire but in the size I listed above. I know some guys are running 295/70r18 but that size doesn’t come in the duratrac

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