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  1. Honestly I really enjoy the Atak. If it is too loud you and add the second muffler and turn it into the s type
  2. not sure if anyone saw the other post. i pulled the trigger and bought a stillen last month, and i did not notice where it said it would not work with the active areo shutters. i got mine on july 5 2020 and put it on the truck. after instillation i noticed that the areo shutters was very close to the mouth of the scoop, the didnt touch but was very close and looked like it would restrict airflow when they shut. but i didnt have time as i had to make a 560 mile drive back to Michigan for work. made the drive just fine got close to 20mpg on the drive (not bad for a 6.2L 4wd cruise set to 80). got back to the motel and started looking into the areo shutters, a and from what i could find they close at like 50mph to help with aerodynamics. i then started searching the web to see if anyone had modified the shutters, but looks like no one had done much with them. so i was like heck i'll be the first. went out and removed the top left and top right shutter. ( would have been much easier had i removed the scoop, but i didnt have any tools with me to remove it) i just carefully bowed them and popped each one out. the shutters still function as normal except if crams air down its throat, and picks up a bit faster on interstate. i have not been back home to see how it does on a long haul since removing the top shutters.
  3. any issues bleeding breaks? i had issues with my master cylinder when i first bought my truck and the dealership had never dealt with the breaks on these new trucks. apparently you have to put a pump on the system to properly bleed these breaks.
  4. from the picture it look like the reason that it would not fit would be due to the clamps for the rails on all low profile bed covers not having enough room to fit. if you watch some install videos on those bed covers you will see what i am talking about. sorry i couldnt be more help, but it might be possible to make them work together if you get creative. best of luck
  5. if you look closely at the s type and the atak, you will see that they are the same muffler for the new trucks. the only difference is th s type has a secondary muffler/resonator and the atak has the polyphonic harmonizer
  6. borla makes the gm performance exhaust, i was thinking that it is a re stamped s type but it might be the touring ( it was a few months back when i was looking into the exhaust). if you go with the s type it is the same as the atak. the difference is the secondary muffler on the s type behinde the primary and polyphonic harmonizer behindthe muffler on the atak.
  7. the gm performance exhaust is a re stamped borla ( its the s type if i remember correctly) you can order the borla s type from borla for $1078 with free shipping.
  8. i saw a video where a guy ordered a muffler delete pipe from afe for like $115 and installed it himself. looked like it would be the cheapest route if you like the way it sounded. he cut just before the flapper and then cut as close to the outlet side of the muffler as he could. the delete pipe is pre bent for the offset. depending on the muffler you might have to get it welded or spend extra on clamp adapters
  9. if you are looking at buying a borla catback and want to save some coin go with the kit that keeps factory tips. i want to say that it is about $400 cheaper. still not the cheapest at $1044 i think, but you are also getting a exhaust made from quality materiel. i was fortunate/ unlucky enough that i had issues with the dealership and truck from day one. i went to them and made sure that they know how unhappy i was with them and the fact that my new truck had issues that started the day i drove it home. so the put bought and installed my exhaust to help make up for it.
  10. That's about what I'm getting on my 20 LT TB w/ 6.2 with the 18" Duratrafcs. I have the gm cold air intake, borla atak catback, and the Stillen TruPower intake. When I was driving from East Tennessee to Southfield Michigan I got 19.8-19.9mpg with these mods, but that was before I modified the active areo shutters ( they block airflow with the Stillen intake). I haven't been on any long drives since, so it is hard to tell on hwy millage. Currently the truck is showing 16.4mpg and that is driving from Southfield to Detroit on the racetracks, I mean interstats/hwys .
  11. i have the borla atak on my 2020 lt trailboss 6.2. i went with the setup that keeps the factory tips. at first i wasnt happy with it ( my 14' f-150 5.0 with the atak sounded better) after i was able to put some miles on it and after several heat cycles it started to sound like it should (better my previous 5.0 truck) and i am pleased with it. i tried to reach out to borla about the muffler ( the never responded) because the atak and the s type are the same muffler from what i could gather. the only difference is that the s type has a second chamber after the muffler and the atak has a 4 into 1 collector ( cant remember what borla calls it but thats what it looks like). i had the dealer install the exhaust because they dropped the ball on my truck and i had them make it right with the exhaust and the install for free ?.
  12. For the ones actually on looking for information on the product I am happy with it. The 6.2 picks up a little better on the interstate. As far as gains it’s not much. You can’t tell at lower speeds. Not sure why gm didn’t do it in the first place on gas trucks, they have something similar on the diesel trucks
  13. Yeah, I’ve emailed them before and some days they would respond fairly quick, and others they took a bit. I think they are at minimum staff with all that’s going on. I would imagine that it would work, just check online/ get in touch with a dealership and compare the Silverado factory piece to the to the gmc factory piece and check the part numbers on them.
  14. Honestly I’m not sure yet, still to early to tell. But I don’t regret it. I just got it on this Sunday and removed two shutters before coming to work tonight. Looking at it it could use some black duck tape to make the hole where the latch comes through smaller. Stillen could make the piece cover that hole better, but some good black tape will work for now.
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