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  1. It was 435 shipped.... here is a link to them. http://www.xineering.com/shocksims.html hardest part was getting the original connectors off!!!
  2. Hey Guys, just an update...I saw alot of people looking but not post any responses. I went ahead and bought the Fox 2.0's for the front and rear of my truck. They bolted up just fine. Then I also purchased the Xineering bypass kit. The kit was super easy to install and worked perfect, no warning lights. The truck rides great and so far no issues!!!!! hope this helps, if anyone else was wondering too.
  3. Hey Guys, im sure there is a post about this, but I have been searching to no avail!!! I would like to swap out my magride shocks as im pretty sure one if not 2-3 are bad again. I searched, called fox and still no answer. I know it will need the xineering shock sims, but haven't found anyone else running the 2.0's on a denali. Is the control arm mount the same as a regular 1500 or am i up a creek? Or is there something else different on my truck vs a regular 1500. And sorry if there is a thread all about this, please forward it to me and I will take my newb kicks with pleasure!!!!

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