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  1. POP N LOCK Tailgate lock 07-13

    Pop n lock tailgate lock for 07-13 pickup 75 shipped.
  2. Steering wheel Gray Leather and Wood

    I am open to offers..
  3. I have a 2014 Silverado, does anybody know if you can go to newer years to swap grill and headlights?
  4. For 2007 - 2013 GM. I bought for my 2011 and never got around to installing. Located in Baytown, Tx 77520 $250 obo shipped.
  5. I just wanted to verify that this is the correct cluster for the 2014 upgrade. https://www.gmoutletparts.com/oem-parts/gm-inst-cluster-84254166. The number is right but the pic still looks like what I have.
  6. I have a wheel for sale on the other forum if anybody is interested. Thanks Michael
  7. A/C Condenser

    If you are doing it in less than an hour, you are not vacuuming the system down and let it sit to make sure it holds.
  8. I am going to replace my condenser this weekend, how many ounces of Freon do I need?
  9. I have a 2014 and would like to do the cluster upgrade also, but do the 14 cluster not have the bigger screen? From what I have read in this thread is I need the same year? Thanks Michael
  10. HMI Upgrade

    I dont really care about carplay but would like the nav and text/talk upgrade.
  11. HMI Upgrade

    I would like to upgrade the HMI in my 2014 Silverado, do I need a certain part number or just a 2.0 version that has a gps antenna connection to get programmed. Thanks
  12. Chrome Door Handles Oem

    Thanks all I got some...
  13. Looking to purchase a set of Chrome oem handles for a 2014 Crewcab. Thanks Michael

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