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  1. Bed view camera on the 2020 would have been nice for 2019. I told my wife that I couldn't understand why they would have all the surround cameras but not have one looking to the bed. I could have used that numerous times already.
  2. ACC would have been nice especially because it already has everything in essence which is needed for ACC. I have it on my 18 Jeep Grand Cherokee and use it pretty often. After saying all of that, it isn't a feature which is worth waiting for specifically. I already knew the diesel was coming out later and I already have the 10 speed, so not much more is happening. I do know the lane assist camera isn't as accurate as my 18 jeep, so maybe that is being upgraded for ACC.
  3. I believe the AT4 has ground clearance of 10.8 or 10.9 with the factory 2" lift which would be around the same ground clearance as the K2 in a non AT4. The T1 is wider and taller than the K2.
  4. 2019 GMC AT4. Johnson County area
  5. The 10 speed is in the top of the line ZL1 Camaro with the 8 speed in the SS versions. The amount of speeds doesnt necessarily dictate drag racing or mpg. It is how it is programmed to shift. The fastest production Camaro has a 10 speed.
  6. I've had the 6.2 in my 2016 Camaro 2SS and the ticking is normal for the 6.2
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