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  1. The noise is back. Dealer is looking into replacing the ‘front half shaft’ mentioned here by another member. I showed them the video as well. Seems like that is the issue. Will let you know when I get a phone call to get the part replaced. Back to driving in AWD again.
  2. Truck is back, new front diff replaced, the noise is certainly better. But it is still there. I’m going to drive it another day or so to double check it’s not just in my head because I’ve been so used to hearing that noise. I will update in few days.
  3. Dealer just phoned me. They are replacing front diff. Hopefully will be completed tomorrow, and ready for pick up. Will keep you posted.
  4. Been dealing with this since 2k, I now have almost 8k. The trucks been to the dealer 6 times and they finally “replicated the noise”. My truck is at the dealer now for a front transfer case change, and maybe differential. I will let you know what they replace, and if it corrected it. There’s a thread here that someone said they greased the rubber boot heavily and the noise went away, not sure that would be a permanent fix.
  5. It’s been about 2 weeks of back and forth with the dealer. They narrowed it down to transfer case issue. When the truck is in AWD/4wd the noise goes away, when you put it back into 2wd the noise comes right back. It’s going in Wednesday for replacement, once I get it back I will post what they found/replaced exactly.
  6. Thank you - you know what’s odd - is that it started doing it when I installed the weather tech mud flaps, but the dealer said they put them back to stock and found no difference. I’m going to try for myself, did yours do it all the time or when it was warmed up also.
  7. Hi guys/gals - I have a 19’ Chevy 1500 high country with 6.2 And 10spd with 5,500 miles. After about 2k I have been hearing a jingle/rattle from driver side of truck(outside noise not in cabin). It only occurs over 25mph, and when the truck temp is at normal/warmed up temp (not cold). It’s been to the dealer 6x w no luck. They changed the y pipe on exhaust, checked the active shutters, greased rear leaf springs. I’m very frustrated I love the truck, but sort of at ends meet, I’m wondering if anyone has input, or heard this on their trucks. I’m wondering if it’s a flange on exhaust or intake manifold heat shield? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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