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  1. 2011 SLE Ride Height

    Here are some comparison pics of a newer 4x4 and my 2011 SLE.
  2. 2011 SLE Ride Height

    Here is photo of ram could not fit both pictures in one
  3. I recently purchased a 2011 1500 Sierra SLE with Trailer and Tow package. I have the 17" Rims. and tire size is 265/70/17. My truck sits higher then my 2002 ram 1500 SLT 4x4 with 33" tires and leveled. But the suspension parts do not look much newer then the rest of truck. I also believe i have rear husky wheel well liners but not sure if there is a way to tell by looking at the outside (Without trying to remove them as they are tight fit) i would like to eventually put 275/60/20 (33" tires) on truck and would imagine i have clearence. but i am just thrown off by the ride height of my truck. It has no noticeable modifications that i am aware of. Also on Ram Forums everyone loved Pacesetter long Tube Headers. Anyone have advice on LT Headers that are not more then 400-500$? I am trying to search for post related but having a hard time.
  4. Question about afm

    I recently (2 weeks ago) Purchased a 2011 sierra SLE with the 5.3l. do ALL 2011+ have the updates? or is there a certain Serial Number that indicates if it has the updates? Own a ram before this so new to GM but excited about building it up. Looking to get Diablo Tuner, then upgrade with LT Headers and exhaust system. Still learning the site so if there are any general (To-Know) forum or post please direct me in the right way. Already looked into removing Wheel Well liner and rear lights to clean out any dirt.

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