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  1. Got a deal with this guy legit work awesome i finally got apple car play and android auto on my 2014 gmc plus i also got 2018 navi which added roads that never existed on my 2014 navi and to top it all off i also got video in motion for it !! Highly recommend this guy and he explains in full detail for everything he offers ! Thanks again chad!
  2. Plus ive had multiple issues with my oem head unit like it not turning on lagging all the time reseting all the time etc etc
  3. What is that 2.5 hmi he’s talking about
  4. Yes it sucks that i cant get the most of it when i have before
  5. Because i dont own an android lol
  6. Anyone have one for sale looking to buy one before i take it at a local shop and get rapped with the prices they got
  7. It used to work like that pressing radio then back to media but not no more
  8. And phone says its playing sorry pictures are small , for some reason its not letting me upload more than 4.88 mb
  9. Yall ever seen a dually with 8 wheels? well anyways i hook up my phone to my radio on my 2014 via usb and it reads connected but the music will not transfer to the radio and my phone shows it is playing .... now , i know thats what bluetooth is there for but, since i have a sound system on my truck Bluetooth will not let me “full blast” like via usb even while my phones volume is all the way up .. and it bugs me because im away from home working so i cant set up my music i want to listen to on my usb and practically paying spotify for nothing.... any input on this is well appreciated! Thnks.
  10. Thanks guys for ur feed back i did order them however i will just leave my leveling kit and set them to 0” lift in front and kn the back just keep mu factory 1” block will update once i get them on and experience them first hand!!
  11. Next question if i have a leveling kit already and put those adjustable shocks can i set ir in the highest setting and get the 3” from the level kit plus the 1.85” so technically 4.85” lift in front? for the back i already have the factory 1” block planning on swapping out for a 2” and just make some extended brackets for the shocks (my dad is a welder so yeah lol)
  12. Ok so my truck just about hit 118k miles 2014 gmc all terrain 5.3 4wd i want to get the 5100s but i read this online ... so what exactly does it mean ? 0 to 1 inch lift or 0 to -1 lift which pretty much mean 1” drop ?
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