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  1. Update. After a really really bad experience at discount tire getting the new tires installed it’s all done. Went with those Michelin’s. Definitely doesn’t look as good but drives like a million dollars now. If anyone’s in the market for those tires with 3,000 miles or the original ltz 20s with wheels tires and sensors I’ll take best offer, located not too far from Chicago. Thanks again for all your help everyone!
  2. Would these be a good match. They seem to have really good reviews.
  3. I really appreciate all of the help everyone. Any idea on what size tire I would be best with?
  4. I bought my truck new in November and did this exact setup I saw on rough country’s facebook page. (In pictures). The problem is it drives Soooo bad. Hud shakes/ it’s all over the place in the wind. Tires are so loud. It drove 100% better before. I’m town between these options: 1. Trade in. 2. Get new wheels and tires setup (learning towards 22” wheels currently have 20s) 3. Get new tires on these fuel wheels. If I do options 1/ or 2 is it likely to drive nearly stock? Right now it’s horrible. Thanks in advance for any help. Right now I literally hate driving it and drive my other car most of the time.
  5. I’m worried if they take it to the dealer they will say that but it did it the first 1,000 miles before o had these tires. My 2019 AT4 never did this. I guess I could swap the wheels and tires to switch it but seems like a pain.
  6. It was a super early production one and I had a lot of issues they couldn't fix, all around camera didn't work 50% of the time (it would say doors are open), radio screen would be black for hours , and other various things so GM finally agreed to buy it back. A few months later I thought this late production unit made in Mexico vs the other plant would be better but honestly its hardly any better.
  7. I want to say the tire pressure is at maybe 55 - 60PSI. I will look in the morning. I remember it seemed a lot higher than it was prior to the factory set and a lot higher than my Cadillac but I'm not very mechanically inclined. Can they safely operate at 45? Is there a brand/ style of tires (I only drive on the road/ no offroading) that you guys would recommend.
  8. I'm not sure if this is normal but I wanted to bring it up before I talked to the dealer and sounded crazy because I don't remember it being like this in my 2019 GMC AT4 or other vehicles i've driven with a headsup display. When I drive the image on the windshield is almost always shaking. If you hit a bump its really really bad but even when driving down a flat highway its shaking/ Does yours do this? TIY
  9. I'm not really sure what the issue could be here but im 90% sure something is wrong. my drivers side mirror is almost always dark. Even passengers have asked me if my car has a different mirror on the drivers side. I brought it to the dealer and of course they couldn't duplicate it. The passengers mirror always looks completely normal but the drivers side is tinted like this 90% of the time. Is this common/ how is it supposed to function ? I had a 2018 LTZ Silverado and a 2019 GMC AT4 and don't remember either having this issue. TIY IMG_6620.HEIC IMG_6394.HEIC IMG_4308.HEIC
  10. When I bought my '19 Silverado in November the best value I could find was LTZ/ the loaded ones were hardly more than the LT/ but so many more bells and whistles with the technology package/ etc. I found this setup below from rough country and duplicated it, identical wheels, tires, sizes, and the leveling kit. I LOVE how my truck looks, but I cannot explain how terrible it drives. Not only is it so loud on the highway, but you feel like you are wandering all over the road, everytime you hit a bump it gets sketchy. I'm legitimately on the verge of trading it in, I was driving down a tollroad around 90MPH a few weeks ago and it was so hard to even drive it with both hands on the wheel. My question is, I had a 2018 LTZ Silverado midnight edition with semi offroad type tires, and a 2019 GMC AT4 Sierra with the 20" wheels. Both trucks had factory setups and drove perfect. If I have new tires installed (I actually paid extra to get these name brand tires when I got mine installed and figured it would help it drive better) what type would I look for for best driving most similar to factory, I love the way it looks but it just isn't something I can keep driving. OR! Is the terrible driving / ride/ etc because of the level and wheels and I cannot get it anywhere near good quality driving without removing everything. I hate the LTZ wheels, but I am considering having them reinstalled, thats how bad it is. I'm at about 2500 total miles, maybe 1500 with the wheels and tires. Any help is really appreciated, I included the rough country link, photo, and photos of my truck. If I can't get it fixed, I might be selling the rough country hard tourneo cover, amp power steps, fuel wheels and tires sooner than later. I have the fender flares too, not sure if those can be removed. Thanks again! Rough Country 2" Level kit Fuel Off Road Letha wheels 20 x 9 6x139.7 Nitto Trail Grappler Tires 33 x 12.5 x 20
  11. Not comprehensive but Adaptive cruise, I believe 10 speed trans On 5.3, new camera system.
  12. Looks amazing! Definitely too much chrome on these LTZ's. Any idea on how I could get similar results with the Camera system?
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