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  1. I'm an automotive glass tech, there is little to no difference in OEM vs OEE Glass. Though I would ask safelite for the brand of the glass. There is OEE and Alternate branded glass. OEM in GM Trucks depending where the truck is assembled is Vitro & Fuyao, and both of these manufacturers are very good. If they were to tell you that they're putting in a XYG, or PGW China piece of glass I would recommend elsewhere. TLDR, ask safelite to do a brand check and see if its Fuyao, or Vitro.
  2. This is definitely a issue of the motor needing to be reprogrammed (relearned). Make sure that you are doing the relearn procedure with the ignition on (engine off). Start with the window in the down position. Roll up the window using the non-auto (1st Click) till it reaches the top and hold it for 6 seconds. Roll down the window till it reaches the bottom using the non-auto (1st Click) till it reaches the bottom and hold it for 6 seconds.
  3. Automotive Glass Tech here, super easy to swap out if you find one. They have two metal retaining clips that go into the fender and a plastic slide into the main cowl. Just pull toward the center of the vehicle and up .
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