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  1. I was using penzoil platinum, The last change I did I switched it up to Mobil 1 to see if there was a difference . Its done every 3k with acdelco filter. Its a LC9.
  2. I have replaced the screen and sending unit about 2 years ago. Do these need to be replaced that often?
  3. I recently noticed the oil pressure would goto 40 on a cold start then slowly goto 20. When accelerating it would barely go up from 20. I checked the oil after I let it sit and it was about 1-2 quarts low. Its been about 950 miles since the last oil change. I dont know what the normal oil pressure should be but before this at a hot idle it sits about 20 and goes to 40 when accelerating. Truck has about 84k miles.
  4. I'm not sure how much better those bolt extractors are but the bolt extractor I have tried rexbeti on Amazon, just comes off since the head has been stripped too much.
  5. I went to replace the lower shaft I'm not 100% that is the name but the coupler that connects to the rack and pinion. Me being an idiot I put it on the thread side is towards you and the bolt is stuck . Any ideas how to get this off I was going to try a screw extractor or a grindeer?
  6. I installed a aftermarket radio and my now I have no air through the vents on heat or AC. I thought I must have disconnected something running the wire harness for the radio. I took out the glove box to get a better look and didn't see anything. I've checked my fuses, did a hvac reset. The blower comes on and I can hear the actuator when I change it on the control and I can see it change positions under the dash.
  7. I have a 2012 GMC Sierra 1500 5.3 about 70,000 miles. It just started doing this rough idle when you come to a stop in drive the rpms drop to about 500 and the truck feels its going to die, if you shift to neutral it doesnt do this. I don't know if its related or not but shortly before this I noticed the oil pressure was dropping to just about 20 when its up to operating temperature and you come to a stop. I have tried to find vacuum leaks, I have cleaned the throttle body, ran sea foam through the tank and the throttle body. I have changed the air filter, changed the plugs/wires and changed the maf.
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