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  1. If you want bold, go with a flat gold color wheel. Look up pictures of blue Subaru’s with the common gold wheels.
  2. So what has been the fix for those who’ve had theirs repaired? I took mine in on Wednesday and they ordered a new silicone recommended by GM per a bulletin that was sent out on this issue. Unfortunately, the new silicone did not correct the issue.
  3. Well, I’m in the same boat. I’ve had my truck for 5 days and noticed water on the shoulder of the rear driver side seat. Its not a huge deal to me but I’ll be calling the dealer and bringing it for them to check it out.
  4. Reviving this thread. Black, do you happen to have any pictures of the sliders while your door is open? From a point of view as your getting out of the vehicle? I didn’t find many angles on their site.
  5. Thanks guys, exactly what I was looking for. I’m glad to see you can fit an organizer on top the lock box.
  6. Haha damn autocorrect. I know GM has options, any experience with the quality?
  7. Hey guys, recently purchased an AT4 and wanted to get some information and tips on some storage ideas/venders. I tried searching the forum for the topic but didn’t come up with anytbing. Who has a center console lock box? What is the brand and your opinion on the box? Who has aftermarket or GM under seat storage? Is it worth the upgrade from the stock carpeted bin? Finally, has anyone installed a swing out tool box from the bed?
  8. This morning I purchased a 2019 AT4 5.3L crew cab. Its pretty bare no technology package, driver 2, or performance off-road and on 18” wheels. I paid 46,690 plus ttl. I think they fudged on my trade in bc everything I was seeing and researching had it valued at 18,xxx on the high end. They gave me 19,000 for it. I found a few similar one on autotrader for 45,455 and was trying to get them to get there but they wouldn’t. I guess they gave an extra 1000 on my trade in to get it there.
  9. Just purchased a 2019 AT4 this morning. The dealer had two options for financing, local credit union and GM. Credit was 800, local CU was a 4.74% while GM was 6.99%. Even without the 1000 rebate for GM financing, the CU was cheaper in the long run. Edit: I called 2 other local CU and they were right at the same as the one the dealer used one was 4.99 and the other was 4.69%.
  10. Some trim levels have the power up ability. Thanks for the information
  11. First time poster, great information on here. Is there a definitive answer for, which cover allows the Sierras power tailgate to operate both up and down?
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