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  1. I'm leaning towards the fuel pump probably both the factory in tank and the aftermarket in line pumps. Hey can ya post a pic of the in line pump? I'm curious in case my pump goes bad
  2. Is there a way to check the voltage going to the shift solenoids to check and make sure my computer is working properly to rule that out in my 95s 4l60e no automatically upshift? I can upshift manual though
  3. Temp gauge could be the sending unit and voltage could be alternator or whatever control it
  4. Just cause you hear the pump dose not mean it's actually working. I had a Jeep come into my shop sat for 3 years. Heard the pump wine, however when we dropped the tank the pump was so glogged up it was unbelievable
  5. hey i live in spring tx could use some help with this 95 k1500 4l60e shift issue
  6. still has a shift issue. i can manual up shift from first into second, however when i up shift into 3rd it stays in second, i have a rebuilt 700r4 with 15k on it and the tv cable. its a 2 wheel drive, can i just drop the 4l60e and install the 700r4 and use the 2wd drive shaft or can i put a 4x4 700r4 in it and use my existing driveshaft?
  7. you will have to use your manifolds intake and exhaust your distributor and all sensors from the 92 engine for the 98. the 92 engine is a tbi witch only uses 2 injectors where 98 is multiport and uses 8 injectors
  8. yea my back 2 and driver front are the same height so ill adjust the passanger side front sunday when im off
  9. So i read the torsion bars are adjustable. How do i adjust it and witch one would be best to adjust for factory height with 16 inch tires
  10. The passanger side lower control arm was replaced with a ised one and lower ball joint was a new one on passanger side. I hate the torsion bar set up. Im actually thinking of taking it to a 2wd setup just removing the front axles and changing the suspension parts to a 2wd. Would that work?
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