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  1. still has a shift issue. i can manual up shift from first into second, however when i up shift into 3rd it stays in second, i have a rebuilt 700r4 with 15k on it and the tv cable. its a 2 wheel drive, can i just drop the 4l60e and install the 700r4 and use the 2wd drive shaft or can i put a 4x4 700r4 in it and use my existing driveshaft?
  2. you will have to use your manifolds intake and exhaust your distributor and all sensors from the 92 engine for the 98. the 92 engine is a tbi witch only uses 2 injectors where 98 is multiport and uses 8 injectors
  3. Ride height issue

    yea my back 2 and driver front are the same height so ill adjust the passanger side front sunday when im off
  4. Did you replace the timing chain?
  5. Ride height issue

    So i read the torsion bars are adjustable. How do i adjust it and witch one would be best to adjust for factory height with 16 inch tires
  6. Ride height issue

    The passanger side lower control arm was replaced with a ised one and lower ball joint was a new one on passanger side. I hate the torsion bar set up. Im actually thinking of taking it to a 2wd setup just removing the front axles and changing the suspension parts to a 2wd. Would that work?
  7. So my front driver side is about 2 inches higher than the front passanger side. My back ride height is the same for both tires. Im just curious as to why my front driver side would be higher than pasdanger side
  8. speedo works fine. I think I found the issue. my throttle position sensor was just laying on the intake no bolts. so......does anyone know what size bolts I need so I can fix the tps sensor?
  9. ya know, im not sure. I read these things have problems with the shift solenoids
  10. Brake question

    no hissing just not like my 04 was, its like the brakes are kinda lazy...(just like my ex wife lol)
  11. Went to drive the truck for the first time as I just bought it a d noticed it will not shift out of first. It's a 95 4l60e 4x4. I have a rebuilt 4l60e but it's a 2wd. I have no use for the 4wd feature so could I just pop in the 2wd transmission and just remove the front drive shaft? And will the rear drive shaft fit just fine?
  12. So the brake pedal has some travel on my 95 k1500. When the peadle feels like it catches the brakes still feel a little sluggish. I've been told this is normal on this type of truck. Is that true? I've bleed the brakes 5 times along with the abs bleed thing on the Kelsy Hays abs unit. Or could it be a failing master cylinder?
  13. Bad Misfire / Wont Start

    Any check engine codes?
  14. Them or Moog may have one

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