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  1. In need of some serious advice

    Davester I have not yet replaced anything yet. But I will be changing both sensors and wiring harness
  2. In need of some serious advice

    So it turns out the knock sensor was bad. I have checked everything you guys have suggested. and i appreciate all the input. My truck just threw the code P0327 which is knock sensor low voltage input. I still have the fuel pressure issue but i am chasing that as well. Im thinking it is a leak in one of the actual lines itself. once i figure it out i will post it here so anyone else having this issue can solve their problem as well.
  3. In need of some serious advice

    Fuel pressure cold shows standard 55 But when it's hot and warmed up its zero until primed. I changed the regulator out on the fuel rail. All brand new.
  4. So i have a 2000 chevy silverado 1500 4x4 with the 5.3L V8. I have replaced the seals on the injectors, new fuel pump, new fuel filter and new spark plugs and wires. The issue i am facing that i cannot figure out is why im still losing pressure in the fuel. It is no problem when it is cold it fires right up. But when its warm and i leave it shut off for more than five minutes, it takes three or four cycles of the key to start. I know im losing pressure but i do not know where or how. there is no fuel leaks anywhere that i can see. and with replacing everything i am stumped and need some help.

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