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  1. Love the look! How did you go about adding the color on the grill lettering?
  2. I’ve never had rocker panels rust out or lose structural integrity either that’s why I was curious. I also take good care of my vehicles and bath them as much as the kids -
  3. How long did you own the vehicle before the rockers lost their structural integrity?
  4. GM floor mats are amazing!! I’ve also had weather tech on several vehicles. For the cost and what you get they are tough to pass on. Good quality, cut well, fit great and cover all space for dirty boots! Plus - For Trail Boss Custom trucks they cover the front hump where the center console would be on the LT TB. Since it is carpet that’s huge for me. They nailed this one!
  5. I have the OEM steps and like them. I took pics of the side view and mounting points for reference as well (Of course the pictures sizes are too big so I need to get a new app to download them). I did some research on the different types of steel used in their frame / body design to include diagrams from GM. It looks like they are mounted to the structural supports of the body from what I can see under the truck. They are rocker panels but they are also reinforced with several layers of steel. I’ve had mine up in the air and hung on them..... They won’t be going anywhere anytime soon - . I’ll update in several years after some Ohio winters. You could also run some undercoating if you where concerned about rust delay / prevention. Hope that helps you in your decision!
  6. Agreed. They all say that in the description unless they have built in resistors. I’m banking on the fewer diode part as well. I’ve now changed low beam, high beam, reverse and license plate to LED with no problems. I will spend the money to find a good alternative for the turn signals. Should have these by installed by early next week or sooner.
  7. I just ordered these for my 19 Trail Boss Custom. I will provide an update once they arrive and I get them installed! https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07HMK9Y6C/ref=sspa_mb_hqp_detail_mobile_aax_0?ie=UTF8&psc=1&th=1
  8. It’s a 10mm with 3 bolts per exhaust tip. My suggestion would be a ratcheting wrench with adjustable angle neck due to the tight space you have to work with on the two in the back of the housing inside the bumper. The third bolt above the back of the exhaust tip is easy to see and is best suited for a socket wrench w small extension. Best of Luck!
  9. I did have to reach back in on both sides but now they are aligned and square. Appreciate the help! My “cat fighting” days are over (scratches down both arms and hands). Won’t be doing that again anytime soon ;)
  10. I plan on doing it tomorrow Tina - Just hoping to get confirmation on sizing before I buy another wrench. Most of my tools are in boxes still since I’m moving into my new crib this week.
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