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  1. I just spoke to a rep from Furrion who was nice enough to return my support email with a phone call. Furrion is the manufacturer of the observation camera on my trailer. This is definitely not a wireless interference problem. It is a GM power supply problem. They have been getting dozens of reports of this problem with the Chevy/GMC 2019 trucks. From what they can determine, the "smart" power supply on the truck is not providing enough voltage or current, as many of you have suggested. Testing the voltage directly at the truck 7-way appears fine, but when you plug in your trailer, the "smart" feature kicks in and causes the problem. Keystone and some other manufacturers wire the camera to the running lights. Some other manufacturers do not, which is why they aren't having the problem. Furrion engineers are trying to find if there is a way to trick the truck into providing the proper amount of voltage and current. I am going to try some experiments of my own to see if I can come up with anything. The solution for now, is to hard wire the camera to the battery of the camper, as many of you have suggested you can install a manual switch or a relay tied to the running lights, to power the camera. It is a pain to have to re-wire it, but it is a solution.
  2. I am having the same problem with my 2019 GMC Sierra 1500. I took the camera down and it works perfectly fine inside the truck next to the monitor. if I plug the camera back into the trailer and take the monitor to the back of the trailer to view it, it does not work. This is not a Bluetooth or wireless interference problem. I can actually hear a buzzing noise on the camera if it is plugged into the trailer power powered by the Sierra running lights. It seems to me that this is dirty power coming from the truck.. Not sure if it is has some kind of AC signal riding over it and not a clean 12 volt DC power or what, but this is definitely a power issue that is being provided by the truck. The camera uses so little power, I don't think it is a current draw issue.
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