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  1. Thanks man. At some point (2-3 years if I keep it that long) maybe I will swap out for a full Zone kit, or something like that. For now I'm pretty happy but in hindsight, I should have just done something similar to the Zone or Tuff Country 3" kit from the get go. Oh well, live and learn.
  2. OK, probably my final "update" post to this thread. In all, I ended up with the following: 3" level using new keys New upper control arms w/ limit straps Front shock spacers New tires (bigger) New wheels (required to clear new upper control arms) I certainly wasn't going to do all of this, it just kind of snowballed. But all in all I'm really happy with the look AND more importantly, the ride. Speedometer is off about 2-3 MPH, but I'm told not much can be done about that. Got her all washed up tonight (just covered in bug guts from freeway driving!) and she's lookin' good if I do say so myself.
  3. ***UPDATE*** I took your guys' advice, along with doing a bunch of reading, and got my setup corrected today. At least it's 90% better than it was (I realize there might still be some technical issues). Got new upper control arms installed, along with front shock spacers. Ride difference is night and day. Honestly I could bring the front end down almost a whole inch if I wanted and still have a slight rake, in fact I just might do that. New tires too, really like them and they just barely touch the control arm at full crank, but not enough to worry about. All in all the difference is clear, wish I just had done this the first time.
  4. No, still about a 1” rake measuring at the fenders. From center of hub to fender is 27” (up front).
  5. Yeah, I actually looked at that kit in the midst of doing some research the past few days. I've heard so many bad things about Rough Country, so many people rip on them. But I'm not building an off-road machine here. It's my daily driver, a nice truck, but the country boy side of me just can't live with the low ground clearance up front and the heavy factory rake. I want a little more clearance, better overall look and modest off road capability. So in that sense, a kit like Rough Country could make sense. Maybe better shocks though, I've hear their shocks suck but far be it from me to judge, haven't tested them myself.
  6. I can’t argue, I think the shop that put these on kind of blew it. They said it’d be 1.75” or so but there is no way it should be this extreme, they must have cranked the keys way too much. I was shocked when I checked the UCA’s. It’s going back in tomorrow, choice is to either get a kit with new UCA’s (need to see what all the kit includes) or just have the stock keys put back in. I noticed that backing up, cranking the wheel, I am hearing some creaking/popping. This whole thing has me kind of pissed because I told them I wanted a mild lift w/o compromising ride quality, just a little more clearance up front for the air dam and a better overall look, and this is what they gave me. And this shop is the biggest in my area!
  7. I had a torsion key leveling kit put on my truck, raised the front about two inches. Gave me a little more clearance for the front air dam and overall gave me the look I wanted. No other mods at this point besides the keys. Factory shocks, wheels and tires. I've noticed going over speed bumps, or any decent bumps for that matter, the ride on the front end sucks. I've attached a few pics. My guess is it's an upper control arm issue, but I'd like those with more knowledge to chime in and tell me where I went wrong here. I'm a novice with this stuff. What I do know is the look is great, but that's about it, the ride has suffered significantly. What do I need to do (besides going back to stock keys)? The truck is a 2019 GMC 2500 CC, short bed. Not sure how much that really matters.
  8. Man I saw this post and it’s just what I was searching for, but not what I wanted to hear. Bought my truck brand new with only like 25 miles on it or something like that. Now it has roughly 600 or 700 miles on it. Today I noticed more than ever that right around 70 miles an hour I was getting a steady vibration through the steering wheel. Nothing I couldn’t live with or couldn’t tolerate, but given the choice I would rather it not happen. I’ve never driven a vehicle with this sort of vibration, something is clearly out of spec.
  9. OK, pics are long overdue, here they are. I did get aftermarket keys and level the front about 2". Pretty modest, but I really like the look better and I no longer worry about scraping going into a steep driveway. I really hate that feeling when I'm driving a 3/4 Ton truck.
  10. Pulled the trigger on a 2019 Sierra 2500 CC Denali 6.0. Very happy, beautiful truck. Now, do I level out the rake or not? Decisions!!
  11. Do the 2019 Sierra’s (specifically Denali) have push button start?
  12. It does indeed, and I thought about it, but I don't know that I want the first model year of that engine. Plus the deals on the 2019 are pretty good right now, being the end of this model. The 6.0 Vortec has been pretty much bullet proof. A little under-powered yes, I've had two of them, so I know them pretty well. But a damn solid engine. I just am toying with the diesel given the relatively small price gap.
  13. I'm on the fence between buying a 2019 2500 Duramax vs. the 6.0. Honestly, I don't need the 6.6 Duramax, but the price is under $60k for a Denali...just $59k and change. Seems like a great deal. There is the same truck available for about $6k less. Even though I don't necessarily need the diesel, I wonder if I am money ahead in the long run buying it, in terms of resale value. In case you're wondering, the reason I say I don't "need" the diesel is that I rarely tow, mainly I need the payload which is higher on gas trucks. Curious what you guys think.
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