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  1. Have my valvebody disassembled today. Habe few new questions: 1st: do I need a new pressure valve manifold? See pictures. 2nd: do I need a new oring for the tcc silinoid? 3rd: do the oil filter need a new ring or bushing where he is fixed? 4th: I have this dipstick holder not die pen with the egde. How deep should the dip stick goes into the pen? My stick ends right when he comes out of the tube and goes only half a centimeter into the oil pen.
  2. I didn‘t scan any misfire especially if the studdering happens. I will clean the maf to see, but also the new valve body with upgraded tcc valve arrived. Hope to fix that with new siloides and new gaskets.
  3. Hello, Today arrived my gm tech 2 tester. I don’t have and transmisson code only fuel Pumpe high voltage code p0463. But I saw on live data, that the problem is, when tcc is enabled in 4th and the tcc slippage goes on zero, in the moment 0rpm are reached, the car studdering and the slipage goes anywhere between -6rpm and 4rpm not steady on 0rpm. Would this be solved with a new rebuild valve body? Thanks
  4. Thinking about changing the hole valvebody with all spare parts.
  5. My rpms aren‘t doing anything. No shifting, only stiffening. Some problem in 3rd gear. Low rpm and getting faster outside the city limits. No kickdown, just slowly speeding up with no throttle.
  6. Hi, thanks for the answers. Im not the best in doing all the stuff on my one. Also Im very sad about GM leave Europe a while ago. I tried to apply the brake with the car studderd. It doesen`t matter. Only in low rpm and 4th gear. If I lift the gaspedal a moment and step on full trottle, it shits down an all goes well. No studdering at all. It is a 4th gear low rpm problem. Do the Limp mode make codes into the computer without light up the engine light? Thanks Sebastian
  7. With computer and where do I find it? What signal should I geht from the computer?
  8. Hi guys, I have a new problem with my transmission. When I drive down the road with 45-60mph and low rpm 1000-1500, the problem starts after I lift the gas paddle. The truck stutter, rpm stay straight, but it feels like the transmission shit in and out but not between the third and fourth gear (no shifting no rom change) and it only is in fourth gear. Transmission oil change 4 weeks before, new filter, oil Level ok, oil color also good. is this a transmission or engine problem?
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