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  1. I was able to open gmt400.com finally using Tor Browser. Obviously some countries are blocked like Germany and France. So I send a message to board admin, really looking forward to his reply. Thanks, Andreas.
  2. Thanks for checking, cannot open this link though.
  3. Thank you for taking care! :-) Hmm, I tried different ISPs already. I expected that is is working for you, maybe because you are using a different cloudfare server. May I ask you to check the gmt400 forum if there is any related post? Also please have a look if there is any support email address I can contact? Thanks, Andreas.
  4. Hi everybody, sorry to open a thread about another forum but I'm kind of lost and need help. I cannot access the GMT400.com webpages since some days. Please find the error message attached. I tried different computers at home and at work but I always get the same message. I'm guessing that maybe the whole German region is being blocked. Can you still access gmt400.com? If yes, may I ask you to ask administrator of GMT400.com or provide some email address to me so i can contact them? I have no clue how to reach them. Thanks from Germany, Andreas.
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