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  1. I don't know, my truck is an RST. The truck was running when airing up. We aired up multiple times and it did it each time for each tire.
  2. I have same issue, on passenger side, using aftermarket sunshade
  3. Was at the OBX this week on vacation. When airing the tires up after wheeling on the beach, the horn beeps when each tire reaches the correct pressure.
  4. Sounds good, I love donuts. Wild horses supposedly frequent the yard of the house we have rented. Hope to get some good shots of the RST playing in the sand. Son has on board air and a 12k winch on his tacoma ti take the stress out of wheeling.
  5. Headed there on Saturday for the 1st road trip with the rst. Curious to see how the 22's handle the beach drive. Any recommendations for must do's while there? Staying in Carova Beach.
  6. I ended up installing the add w1 catch can to the cowl flange. Removed one of the plastic rivets just off center on the driver's side and bolted the bracket to the top side of it. I did have to cut the supplied bracket shorter. I was considering mounting it to the battery hold down bracket but the ac lines where causing clearance issues.
  7. Check local linex applicators.Just had mine done, $300 with lifetime warranty.
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