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  1. Because they dont know how to read/want to get warranty work out of the way so they can do work that actually earns them money? Its not a dealer issue its an industry issue. Funny thing is, my buddy had the same thing except they DID reset his pad life when they shouldnt have per the tsb as he had more than 6000 miles
  2. It won't. I wasn't able to get back in until a few days later the 2nd time. They're just sluffing you off.
  3. You will have to take it back in. They have to reset it. Same thing happened to me. Then they only reset the rear and i had to take it back a 3rd time to reset the front. The TSB instructs them to reset it if more then 6000miles.
  4. Soooooo I take it nobody has an actual answer to OP original qiestion of if it can be added?
  5. Really? That's annoying, why does the owners manual have a procedure to do it then.
  6. So I got the software fix apllied yesterday along with rear window seal fix due to leak. They did not reset the brake pad life I only have 5000kms so they should have according to the tsb. Does anyone know how to reset it? I follow the manual, scroll to the brake life, press thumbwheel, attempt to select front or rear but cannot as they are greyed out. Only available option is it disable. I tried that, juat comea back to old life. Tried in access mode but that page is only available if engine is running. It is hard to see in the pic but they are greyed out.
  7. Good to know, I will let my buddy know as he had his truck with 7000 miles updated and they werent supposed to reset the monitor but they did anyway. So i guess he will be getting new brakes. Mine only has about 1500 miles so no new brakes for me.
  8. Haven't heard of this yet. I wonder if they really are or if they are just saying that... how many miles?
  9. Haven't heard of this yet. I wonder if they really are or if they are just saying that... how many miles?
  10. Took mine into the dealer a few weeks ago, they told me the same thing, GM is aware and their engineers are working on a software solution. No ETA.
  11. From what I understand, the same sensors are used in the Cadillac CT6. The brake pads have a wire in the pad, and current flows through the wire. The vehicle measures resistance. As the pads, and thereby the wire, wears down, the resistance increases as it is the same amount of current flowing through a smaller diameter wire. This, as well as many other factors im sure, are calculated into the estimate for pad life remaining. I have a theory with the eboost system that provides brake assistance, what if that system is wrong, and is providing more brake assist than neccessary thereby wearing the pads out sooner.... Simplest test, check actual pad thickness. Compare that to the reported pad life, if true - suspect eboost software applying too much pressure. If pad life greater than reported, suspect software giving false readings...
  12. Sorry to revive this thread, but I am in the same boat. 2019 RST 1500, 1100km's (680miles) purchased April 2 2019. My front reads 86% and my rear reads 91%. Co-worker of mine, same vehicle 2019 1500 RST purchased 1 week prior to me, has 6000kms (3700miles) and fronts read 91% and 95% rear... I think there is definitely a software issue or a sensor issue (shocker it's a chevy). I drive very conservative, and will often coast before braking. Thinkin' I'll take it in at some point and see whatsup. Anyone else have any answers since the last comment on this thread dated may 9?
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