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  1. Are there sections on this forum for "Write Up's" where someone will do a complete write up of the modification and document it on here with pic's.?? I have not been able find anything like that. But I'm new and still learning to navigate the forum as well as trying to learn as much as I can about the subjects that matter to me and my truck. Such as converting the rear drum brakes to disk brakes. If there's an in-depth write up I'd love to read it so I'm not making rookie judgements and mistakes. Someone that has done this mod and posted all the steps taken and par
  2. Does anyone have any pic's of the bose amplifier mounted in the extended cab 1500.??? I know the speakers say Bose, so I'm assuming from what I read that it has an amp also. I think the system sounds like ass and would like to replace some components, i.e the amp with a couple of good amps that I already have then better speakers if necessary.. If there is a Bose subwoofer installed it would be nice to know where that's located as I can't hear anything that sounds like a real subwoofer in my cab. I would love to find the factory manual for this truck in pape
  3. Thanks for all the input. Shop down the road has BG products and equipment. May get some of the fuel treatment or have the full service done by him. He's very thorough. Cleans the intake and the maf along with other little things that shops don't bother doing. Also will install new plugs and have oil changed afterwards.
  4. Just finished reading all 20 pages of this thread. I am trying to learn and not to be a pain in the arse to anyone. I have lots of questions since buying my 05 ext cab w/5.3L Z71 about a month ago. Only 119,750 miles. Was hoping to find some info on a couple of things in this thread. Got hints but nothing in depth. If someone can point me to a post or thread discussing the following I'd be very appreciative. 1) Converting rear drum brakes to disc brakes. What year/model trucks will fit mine or do I have to go aftermarket.??? Or should I just replace all the drum brake parts as n
  5. Does anybody have any input about using Seafoam in the 5.3 engine.? On my previous car I used Seafoam by disconnecting the vacuum hose from the brake booster while the engine was running and with a funnel slowly poured Seafoam into the intake while operating the throttle from under the hood so the engine wouldn't stall. This produced a lot of smoke, which is expected as it cleans the combustion chambers. After I was done and shut the engine off I removed the spark plugs and replaced them with new ones. Since I don't know the history of this engine I'm thinking of doing the same thing
  6. Thank you very much Ryan, I appreciate your input. As I have said I'm clueless when it comes to this vehicle and engine but am eager to learn. Rick
  7. Now that I'm a new owner of a 5.3L engine I was wondering if others seem to find this engine consumes gas while it's parked in the driveway.??? I'm kidding obviously, but I'm just not used to this much fuel consumption. Even after having owned a Supercharged Riviera that I did a lot of mod's and mapping to. That car didn't burn nearly the amount of fuel this truck does and I had some serious mods done to the Riv. Anyway, I know they are 2 different vehicles and 2 different engines and I don't know what the previous owner may have done to the fuel and timing mapping after having installed a
  8. Thanks for that info Ryan, I really appreciate it. I'll assume there is a good reason for using the 5W30 Synthetic over regular oil.? I just replaced oil and filter after getting the truck, only about 3oo miles on it so far (119,700 total miles), but will definitely take your advice about using full synthetic oil during the next oil change and checking the oil level frequently. As you can tell I'm new to this truck and these engines.
  9. Excuse me, I just found it. Active Fuel Management. Now, is there an explanation of this system (AFM) somewhere on the forum that I can read about and know if I have that or not.??? Thanks for any help Y'all can provide. Rick
  10. Excuse my ignorance to this topic, but I am a new owner of a used 2005 Silverado Z71 with a 5.3L engine. I have been spending a lot of time on the forum just reading about stuff. The one thing I don't know is what the abbreviation of AFM means as related to the engine. Please help me as I read about these engines consuming more oil than is expected. I only have about 300 miles since buying the truck and having the oil changed to what the factory recommends. I figured with only 119,000 miles I shouldn't be worried about oil consumption but now I'm not so sure anymore. Any input would be
  11. Along with testing the fuel pressure, change the fuel filter with a new one. Inexpensive part, if your just going to throw some parts at the problem. Get a hose long enough to be able to tape the gauge to your windshield while you check the engines performance and read your fuel pressure while driving the short distance you just did in the video. If it fluctuates wildly then start with the filter and then check voltages at the pump at different RPM's with the truck up on a lift or jack stands in your driveway. You said it isn't posting a misfire at any cylinder, is that correct.?
  12. To fix it properly, that is not using a thickening additive in the oil, would be to replace the lifter(s). If it's possible to determine the lifter that is failing and giving you the interment ticking and the oil pressure drop you could cheap out and just replace that lifter. But the smart move is to replace them all, especially with the mileage you have on the engine. Lifters are inexpensive in the big picture and you'll get a lot more miles from the engine using the factory recommended oil after replacing them. Good luck.
  13. I would remove it and bring it to a welder/fabricator and have him make one from solid bar stock. Will never rot away again and will be much sturdier than the hollow factory junk. It's very similar to some hollow sway bars on other GM vehicles that aren't worth the bolts that hold them on. If you should have a reputable fabricator/ welder in or near where you live that's what I would do. It will probably cost more than ordering the GM part, but will last forever. That's if you plan on keeping the truck for a while. But that's just me. Anytime I can make a part better than t
  14. Can't you just weld 02 bungs in the pipes at the approximate locations of where the originals were and hook up new sensors. If the engine is running good it should pass emissions tests as well as the engine needing the info from the 02 sensors for the fuel injection system. Just realized my post may be too late. New to the forum and just getting my feet wet. didn't notice the date of the original OP's question.
  15. Where in Texas are you.? I lived in San Antonio for 5+ years and road my motorcycle all over the state as time permitted. I did have a regular job for an airline but had a lot of time off after putting in a lot of time on the road away from home for them. Worked out great for me. Had to spend 10 months on the west coast for them so I arranged renting a furnished condo with a garage that was cheaper than the hotel. So after I got approval on that I had them ship my motorcycle out there and spent all my spare time riding in Oregon, Washington State and made a vacation trip down the Pacific
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