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  1. Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Curious to see what they say about yours. Please keep me updated if you could.
  2. I noticed last week I am getting a faint rotten egg smell from my truck exhaust. I had a cat go bad on my 03 Silverado but it was completely plugged and woukd mot accelerate. Is the rotten egg smell definitely a sign a cat is failing? I haven't noticed any other symptoms nor do I have any codes. I have 65k on my 2015 should I take it in to dealership while its still under the 80k federal warranty or should I jist let it ride for now?
  3. Mine gave up at 63,000. I ordered a new condenser off Rock Auto for $80. The hardest part about replacing the condenser is getting at all the bolts that hold the bracket at the top of rad and condenser. The rest was pretty damn easy. Borrowed gauges, vacuum pump, a jug of r134a from a guy I work with and charged the system back up. Running good now. No way would I oay ANYONE $1400 for this repair.
  4. No I've been there before. My 03 Dilverado alternator went bad around the this same mileage (60k) and I had reman put in but from the start it didn't seem right. I could feel it bog down when I braked but then would recover. It lasted maybe a year and then I had to replace it with a new Ac delco. I plan on buying a AC delco from rock auto if this one is bad.
  5. Some of you might remmber my post aboit a month ago with problems unlocking and locking my truck with my key fob. That has still been an off and on issue where i hit unlock it unlocks and it locks immediately back up. I also had a new battery I installed last Nov die back in June. Advance auto tested battery and deemed it bad so they gave me a new battery under warranty. Fast forward tonight im driving and I notice truck is idling rough and lights are dimming. I assume my alternator is actually goin back causing these problems I have had. Is there a sure fire way to test my alternator to see if it is failing?
  6. Battery sat at 13 volts with truck off. Don't think this is a battery issue. I really hope this doesn't turn in to an expensive electrical issue but I get the feeling it is heading that way.
  7. Well I changed the battery in the FOB and just experienced it again when unlocking my truck the horn started beeping as theft detterrent system was activated. Im starting to lean towards the truck battery. No other weird signs, but I did have the original battery die in November and I replaced it again in June as the battery was defective or so says advanced auto. Im beginning to wonder if it could be alternator. Going to check voltages later, but if that checks out good i may just pull negative terminal to hopefully reset things.
  8. Can this be as simple as the key fob battery needing replacing?
  9. I've noticed the last few days i've had some trouble locking and unlocking my truck. Sometimes when I try to lock with FOB it locks but then unlocks quickly. Also when I have tried to unlock it with FOB it immediately locks back up. Usually hitting the lock button in either situation seems straighten it out and I get it to do what I want. A few times I have unlocked and the horn starts doing this short beeping sequence as if the theft detterent system has been activated. I start the truck up and it stops. I have also had it one time where theft detterent system has went off just by unlocking the door with the FOB and opening the door. Anybody have any idea what is going on here?
  10. Was under my truck today and noticed my driver side outer tie rod boot had grease all around it. Wiped it clean and found the boot has a crack in it. So looks like i'll be replacing my outer tie rods soon. No symotoms of them being bad yet, but I like being proactive. I have bilstein 5100's on the front. Is there any tie rod ends anyone would recommend or are Oem's sufficient? Also may just do my uper control arms while im doing these. Was thinking about doing some Moogs, anyone have any other recommendations??
  11. I've noticed my 2015 Silverado steering wheel squeaks wheb i turn it in either direction almost full lock. I dont think it ever used to do it. I can't tell where it is coning from. Sounds like around the steering wheel collar but I am not sure. It may be at the firewall. I've tried WD 40 in both places with no luck. Anybody ever had this before? It's very annoying. I just fixed the brake pedal squeak.
  12. With that said are there any you would recommend. I live in Maryland so our roads see a lot of salt so I guess that leaves any uniball type out.
  13. I only ask because some I have read said supposedly they wouldn't fit with stock wheels or that I had to have a lift for them work correctly.
  14. Yes I did, but I am going to take it back in and have it done again. Roads around here are pretty rough.
  15. So I have a 2015 Silverado. I had a 2" rough country leveling kit installed two years ago and am starting notice some premature wear on the outside of my front tires. I jacked up the truck and tried to wiggle the wheels around and got no movement. Still think I would like to replace my UCA with something a bit tougher. Are there any aftermarket UCA'S that will fit a 2" level with stock rims and 285-70-17 tires?
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