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  1. Ok so i finally got the slave cylinder rod to move but the rod popped out again when i was pumping the clutch pedal? This happened while it was out of the transmission. I pushed it back all the way in and let the plastic retainers hold it in place, pump the pedal a couple times and it pops out again and the pedal gets stiff. Regarding the clutch fork, i can move it back and forth by hand, but It doesn't retract when i push it in, is it supposed to do that? And how far is it supposed to push in and out? I get about an inch
  2. Thank you for the reply I have since replaced the slave cylinder and still not getting any pressure. The push rod is not moving.
  3. i have 1995 c1500 4.3 manual 2wd i just got done with changing the clutch and bolting back the transmission. During disassembly, the slave cylinder push rod popped out for whatever reason. i put the push rod back in and bolted the slave back in the tranny. When i tried depressing the clutch pedal it was stiff as a rock. A new slave cylinder later, the clutch pedal moves, but with no resistance. it just sinks to the floor. i have tried bleeding it, but no results. Also, the push rod is not moving in and out?? any ideas? do i still have to bleed it more?
  4. Thanks for the reply. So what could contaminate the clutch with oil in this case? And It looks like I'll be needing a clutch kit anyhow. Any words for the clicking and fluctuating oil gauge?
  5. hey guys, i have a 95 GM C1500 4.3L 2wd Manual 110k miles i just bought. On a cold start at idle, the oil gauge fluctuates somewhat in the middle while what sounds like a relay clicks under the dash some where simultaneously until warmed up. i havent driven the truck much, im still learning to drive stick shift, but a SHIFT light turns on intermittently. When i press the clutch in, i can hear a squeak when outside, sometimes a loud clunk. it also vibrates violently when letting go of the clutch when shifting to reverse or 1st gear. Bad mount? As well as ANTI LOCK light is on, but i believe its because the seat buckle is disconnected. Lastly, the dash gauges probably need re-calibration. any good write ups? None of the gauges line up in the middle and the speed feels 5-10 mph lower than what the speedometer reads. The temp gauge always showed cold, probably because it didnt have a thermostat.
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