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  1. Thanks guys! I have a scan tool but probably not the one I need for this. However I plan to replace both front wheel hubs soon. I may be ordering them today. And a brake fluid change is in the works now too.
  2. 2006 Sierra 1500 4.8 single cab long bed, My ABS light works on dash, but does not light up indicating any problems with ABS. However when I come to a stop sign I apply brakes and they work properly (a bit of mushy travel) and the instant that the truck is going to come to a complete stop the brakes let loose momentarily and then finally catch and stop completely. I am going to bleed the brakes this weekend, I just bought the truck a couple weeks ago, and it had this problem since I got it. I disconnected the ABS (pulled fuse) and the truck brakes fine. Although as I stated the pedal is slightly mushy with a slight bit of travel . Any ideas?
  3. I own a 2006 Sierra, I want to put a cab sun visor on it ( a Lund or a Summit Sportvisor). I can find a lot of 1988-1998 Sierra visors for sale, but the ones listed for 1999-2007 are harder to find used. Are the cab dimensions on the 2006 that different from the earlier style that the older visor will or won't fit? Many thanks!
  4. The solenoid should vent at key start up I believe, so if I check voltage at key startup or engine startup one or the other, I should see a change in the white wire? Is this correct, but if there's no change maybe I have a an open white wire.. or for some reason not getting command to solenoid for some reason. what say you guys?
  5. I have used my code reader to clear the code. at least I know now thanks to you guys that it's good that I have voltage at plug so I don't have a broken wire somewhere. although I'm still scratching my head why I'm throwing the code. I assume I could have a bad solenoid, although it was replaced before I bought the truck (2 weeks ago) and I replaced that solenoid the other day and still has code.
  6. 06 Sierra 0449 code. I replaced evap vent solenoid. still throwing code. I just checked voltage to solenoid and with key off I'm getting battery voltage at the plug to solenoid. Is this normal ? any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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