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  1. Interesting......I drove from Savannah Ga. to Dayton Ohio, and paid very little attention to the Cylinder deactivation, My cruise was set @ 71, and when I needed to pass, or hit a grade I did not notice that the V8 was sluggish to respond, so I'm happy with the deactivation, at least for now. If anyone has a lead to an honest Service provider, I'd like to hear about it. I'm now considering Route 66 thru my credit union. Thanks Guys for the responses. Ron
  2. Hi every one, new to this list, having just purchased a 2018 Suburban. My previous SUV was/is a 1999 Yukon SLT. I just turned 81, and figured it was time to have a road vehicle that I was always not up grading. I just completed a 1500 mile trip in the Suburban, and was impressed. Cool and very comfortable, easy handling , breaks well, etc. The trip was from Coastal Georgia to Dayton Ohio, which takes you thru some mountains.....still I adveraged 27 + MPG on the digital read outs, and miles traveled/fill-up gallons. I did not expect this kind of mileage. So far (local) which I call combined, I'm getting 23-24 mpg easily. Is this what others are getting???? I did read the issues some had with the gas pedal, 4 cylinders vs 8, concerns about the damage the 4 cylinder to 8 can cause, and some have disabled the 4 cylinder activation. Any concerns here? Also I wanted to ask about Service contracts (extended warranty's), as I mentioned above, I'm now 81, I purchased the Yukon new in 1999, and i have been up grading and banging on it for 20 years. I just installed E fans earlier this year. It will still take me wherever I need to go, but...... I no longer want to 'work' on a vehicle, and I know if something happens, and I don't have a service contract I'll be out there doing it myself. So if anyone can has any info on reliability/problems to look out for/or service contracts I'd appreciate hearing from you. Thanks in advance, Ron
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