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  1. I ordered mine in the middle of July and have called multiple times. They aren't answering my calls anymore and haven't responded to my email inquiries. I'm not sure what the note means they added to my order on 8/20. Getting about ready to dispute the charge.
  2. I ordered mine on July 18th and they still haven't shipped.
  3. I purchased a few sets of Lasfit LED lights back in November 2018. I realized that to install these, you must drill a hole inside of the OEM ballast for the fan on the back of them to fit. I decided I did not want to do this and so I never did install them. I also have fog lamps to match which I never did even attempt to install after discovering the headlight ballast required modification. If anyone wants these, $65 or best offer for everything. Everything's brand new and never been installed in the original boxes with manual, etc. Pictures are here: https://imgur.com/a/e0oAQqG Paypal or if anyone is in North Mississippi, can do local pickup. I looked but did not see a "classifieds" forum so I apologize if this is not the correct location for this post. Thanks
  4. I just purchased the LXP from LineX Truck Gear (https://www.buytruckgearonline.com/lxp-hard-folding-tonneau-covers). It is exactly the same as the Bakflip mx4, but with Line-x coating pre-applied and a lifetime warranty. Installs just like the above video. I went ahead and bought an extra 25' of weatherstrip and put some of it on the edge of the rails to help prevent leakage. I also cut a small piece of stripping and placed it inside of the rail on the edges. Adhesive promoter is not included in the package so you may want to get some for a spray in bedliner truck.
  5. Seems like I recall that a solid/steel driveshaft would fix the shuddering issue. In addition, based on hearsay, the plastic balls in the transmission make for a hard shift. Unless I'm remembering wrong, my dealership installed a solid drive shaft and I haven't noticed the shudder anymore, but the shifting is still a little rough. A friend of mine mentioned something about a few plastic parts in the transmission that was responsible for hard shifting. He said the transmission should last longer, but may ultimately shift harder. I realize most of you are probably rolling their eyes right about now, but has anyone ever rebuilt the transmission that may be able to provide more insight? My truck has had the torque converter replaced 3 times, ujoint, driveshaft, the roof started leaking at the shark fin, the door locks quit working ($700 out of warranty), the battery died, and an oil leak. Was not happy with my High Country purchase back in 2016. However, still driving it daily now after I was told the lemon law would not apply. Having a whining in the rear end now at low speeds. I've all but given up on GM and the dealership resolving anything, so I've been talking to locals.
  6. My dealership quoted me $2,000 to fix this issue... So anyways, what kind of programming is required after replacing? I'm sure as hell not paying 2k to fix this issue after paying 55k on the truck.
  7. I'm looking to purchase the 6112 set for my 2015 High Country. However, whenever I enter the 6.2L engine size on Bilstein's website the 6112 series does not show up (even though it does for the smaller engine). BattleBorn's website reports " This Part Will NOT Fit Your 2015 CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1500 HIGH COUNTRY 8Cyl 6.2L" Can anyone verify these should fit? Also, is there a 5100 set that includes springs? Where I'm attempting to purchase but I get that warning message: http://battlebornoffroad.net/bilstein-new-products/bilstein-6112/47273702/i-7531506.aspx
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