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  1. While I appreciate that with practice that most able bodied people could probably manage to train their fingers/hand just right to achieve the desired effect, it won't be possible for some to. My Mother is among those that will never be able to practice and get it because her inability is tied to what could best be classified as "the failings of the human body due to age". You can't practice out what doesn't work correctly or normally or properly anymore. And because of this, "Express" should be an option (even if it comes as "on" by default and needs to be programmed to "off" if the owner does not want it... no matter why they don't want it), not the only choice.
  2. Some people can't use their windows as they would like to with this feature. My Mother, for example. She doesn't have the quickest fingers in the world and likes to drive with the driver's window "cracked" (about 1/2 a centimeter open). The best she can manage in over a dozen attempts is about 2 inches of open window. It would be nice if this stupid "accessory" could be disabled.
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