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  1. My local dealer (multiple sales reps) told me July-ish 2020 for the 6.2 in a TB. No idea if they actually know what they're talking about, but something to chew on.
  2. Good to know. I'm NH and winter is not kind to vehicles. Thanks. Seems like they may be a bit better quality than Ford from (lack of) search results.
  3. Lug nuts, that is... I've gone through almost a wheels' worth of lug nuts on my 2016 F-150 due to moisture getting behind the chrome plating and causing swelling, which eventually renders them deformed/unusable. I'm close to jumping to a new LT TB. Not a deal breaker by any means, but just curious: Does GM use chrome-plated lug nuts like Ford?
  4. Are the seats in a Custom the same as the seats in a LT (minus the power adjustability)? Like, are the Jet Black cloth seats in a Custom the same dimensions, foam, comfort, etc. as Jet Black cloths seats in a LT?
  5. I haven't driven the 6.2 yet... for my wallet's sake. Sounds like GM's 10-speed calibration has been better-received than Ford's , but I've driven a few '19 F-150s with the same 10-speed and that tranny is quite nice.
  6. Cool, thanks. I'm considering a new 1500 (I think you commented on my original post, too) and I'm having you're same thoughts. The higher trims are great, but the simpler, proven drivetrain is appealing. Also agreed on A/S/S. I pulled the dash on my F-150 and wired the auto start/stop permanently off cause I just didn't want to deal with it or any potential longevity issues. Sorry for the slight thread hijack, OP.
  7. Thanks for all the replies. I'm impressed with the new 1500. After driving a Custom Trail Boss and an RST, I'd probably go the LT TB or RST route if the price is right. The Custom has everything I need and was plenty comfortable and quiet, but the LT/RST trim has many "want" features and seems like a little better value with the current discounts. I do wish Chevy offered a larger fuel tank option. The hardest part will be finding the right one in unicorn configuration (crew cab standard bed)... All things considered, having to decide which new truck to buy is pretty good problem to have!
  8. I have a extra cab F-150 right now, and I'll be trading it in for a new crew cab (strongly considering jumping ship to GM...) mainly because of the rear facing child seat. I would assume F-150 and 1500 extra cabs are pretty similar, but with the rear facing child seat behind the passenger seat, my wife's knees are right up against the glove box and there's definitely no room for adjustment. I wouldn't even remotely consider putting one behind the driver's seat. Crew cab, no doubt.
  9. I'm a life long Ford guy and a avowed GM basher... BUT, the new Silverado 1500 has legitimately made me reconsider (as hard as that is for me to say!). I currently drive a '16 F-150 XL SuperCab (double cab) and couldn't be happier. However, with a growing family, I'm in the market for a crew cab and therefore a new truck. Up until my current truck, I'd driven Super Duty Lariats and while the higher trims are absolutely sweet, I've realized that a "base" model XL with 101A package (power equipment group) or GM equivalent has everything I'll ever need. So, my question: I'll be going to look at and drive a new 1500 soon and I'm wondering how an F-150 XL compares to a new 1500 Custom. On paper and from what I understand from on here and various reviews, the XL and Custom are the comparable trims. Does anyone have experience between the two? Does an XL have anything a Custom doesn't, or vice versa? Is there anything on the higher trims that you would consider worth the extra cost? Can you store sunglasses (ha!)? Thanks in advance.
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