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  1. I have the flow fx single in single out on my 2018 silverado. Its not too too bad. It is pretty light and has a hollow knock, not sure if ita packed with a good grade acoustical packing. It sounds pretty nice. Has a decent tone. Id honestly like deeper. It gives you more of a humming tone, which might cause drone. I still have all 3 cats, flapper and resonator removed. I wish it was a bit deeer, but worth the price they sell it for. Cant expect much for that price. Id go with the borla pro xs. Its basic simple, used to have one in my old silverado. Its super deep but not annoying. Almost no drone in v4. I get all my mufflers welded under the bed, so that should help the drone. Also you might want to check out this set up. Sounds super mean and no drone at all. Throw on a super 10 and follow that with a vibrant ultra quite resonator. Sounds super nice. Really deep, no drone and the muscle truck tone.
  2. So ive tried many many different configurations. Currently i run a flowmaster flowfx si/so. All cats in place, res, and flapper removed. Sounds decent but not what im looking for. I used to have a super 44 on it si/so, its was awsome but too much cab noise. Ive tried borla, magnaflow, corsa, and carven. Im loyal to flowmaster been using them for 25 yrs now. I was thinking the 50 delta flow si/so would be perfect. Just enough growl and calm inside the cab. The super 50 is not deep enough imo. Anyone have the 50 delta flow muffler or similar? I still have my afm as well, not really planning to disable it. How is the cab noise? How is the exterior?
  3. Fuelie, where abouts you located? Im up here in Vancouver BC Canada.
  4. Sounds great Bob2c. Yes amazon looks like one for me too. Fast delivery and all in ends up being 260 cad.
  5. Thanks for the infor guys. The only reason im ordering from summit or amazon is because i live up in BC Canada. The range website all in ends up being 370 cad. On summit all in its only 260 cad. Also amazon 265 cad. Would you ghys happen to know if it does need a uodate, do i send it back to summit or directly to Range? Thanks folks
  6. I am planning on buying the range device from summit racing equip. Any concerns about that? Has anyone purchased one from there. Alot of people on the site reviewed it as play and play no issues. Just want to make sure if someone on here purchased one and is having issues now. I have a 2018 silverado.
  7. Think i would have less drone issues going towards magnaflow or like a straight through?
  8. Anyone know if the 70 series has major drone in the cab during v4 mode? Have not disabled it yet but planning on. Just need to know if there is major drone with 70 series in v4. Also if anyone knows if the super 50 or 50 hd drone as well. Thanks a bunch
  9. I have the same question as Bob2c, do i press the dealer? Or wait until something happens? Last thing i want is to keep driving it, then then dealer says you should have not driven it if you knew the problem was there.
  10. Jay webb, yes thats the exact issue. 4 different dealers have checked it out. Truck is still under warrenty. Only has 14000km on it. Any suggestions on what i can do abiut this? Or if i can mention anything in particular? Will this cause a major issue in the future for my truck if i keep driving it like this?
  11. I heard corsa has no drone but my buddy has a 2017 silverado with a corsa touring and it drones like no tomorrow.
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