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  1. Tell you what, bring your truck up here and lets see. I am not driving on flat roads. SC? Its flat, like where I came from. Cmon up here to NW NM- mountain roads will scare the SHIT out of you, like they did me. Sheer drop offs at 10,000 feet plus? Not so much fun.
  2. Thats nuts. Mine bounces around like a friggin rabbit! Will report back on my new shocks.
  3. I hear ya. Finances SUCK! I am gonna grab a par for shits and giggles and see what happens. Will report back!
  4. I am driving a 2019 Silverado LT 4x4 crew cab with 3,200 miles and it bounces like crazy in the rear end. I have since put on BFG KO2's and its still the same. I have them inflated at 39 PSI (give or take) but after reading through all these posts, I think its the crappy factory shocks. I have an appt with the dealer next Friday, so lets see what they say. Probably will blow smoke, but you never know!
  5. Did you grab some Eibachs? The only one I found is P/C E60-23-005-05-01- Pro-truck Shock for $94 on Amazon. No reviews for this for a 2019 Silverado LT 4x4 Crew Cab. I've read awesome reviews about the Bilsteins, but nothing on this one. Your experience?
  6. Hi Dan! First time user and find your posts extremely informative! I have a brand new 2019 Silverado LT with the BFG KO2's and have been noticing my rear end bouncing like a pogo stick, which is why I'm here. When you installed the Bilstein 5100's, did you do all 4 our just the rear or front? My main issue is the rear end. It bounces like crazy, even on paved roads (albeit bumpy roads). Thanks for your input!
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