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  1. That’s impressive. I have a 3.5 RC lift with 34” nitto ridge grapplers with spacers on my 21’ Denali and I had to trim some of the mud flaps and tie the carpet back. What tires are you running?
  2. I have 285/55/r22 Nitto ridge Grapplers on my stock 22” wheel with spacers and a 3.5 inch lift and I still had to modify the inner fender and the mud guards for them to fit. I was planning on going with 285/50/r22 (I would still need to do modifications with this size as well) but there were only 2 AT tire options worth purchasing in that size. I did a ton of research before my lift and tire purchase and what I learned is not all tire manufacturers have the same exact sized tire even tho they say “285/55/r22”. They will range from 33.5”- 34.5”. That 1 inch may seem small but it’s the difference between your tire clearing or rubbing in places it should not touch. 285/55 and 285/50 from my experience will not fit a stock height Denali. (I own a 2021 Denali 1500)
  3. My truck just did this while I was on a trip to SC. Since then I’ve returned home and it hasn’t done it again. My baby duramax currently sits at 3k miles… not too worried about it TBH. If the problem persists a trip to the dealer will ensue.
  4. I would check some of your local powder coating shops. If you’re looking for the same wheel design just in a gloss black color why not support a local shop in your area. Here where I am located I can powder coat my factory 22” wheels gloss black for anywhere between $600-$750 which I will be doing as soon as I get my lift and tires installed.
  5. Ugh my favorite color! I wish I could find one in my state! I settled for the tricoat white frost which I’ve come to love as well. Congrats!
  6. I just traded my 2017 SLT for a Denali ultimate package with the diesel. Worth every penny. Enjoy your new diesel
  7. My refi rate from my local Credit union is 2% which is 3 points lower than what I was getting with GM financial. They also gave me $300 for refinancing with them. The stars aligned for me.
  8. Yes! I contacted GM financial and they said there was no penalty for early payoffs. The dealer pushes you not to pay it off early bc GM will charge them the $500. Thanks a lot!
  9. I had to go to a more rural area to buy my new Denali diesel. I suggest you look 2 hours outside of where you live to find a dealer that does not have the up charge on their trucks. Every dealer in my area had the mark up that I refused to pay. Good luck and welcome to the GM fam!
  10. Hello everyone, I hope all is well in the GM fam. I’ve been looking through some topics and I wanted to share my experience I’ve had with this. I recently traded in my 2017 Sierra SLT all terrain package for a 2021 Sierra Denali baby dura and boy do I love this truck! I bought my 2017 brand new sticker price 57k with incentives during that time it brought the truck down to 45k so I traded in my 2014 (which I also bought brand new at the time) for that sweet sweet beautiful truck. Like this topic starts I randomly stumbled on to the value of my truck on KBB and it was prices at 42k-45k after 4 years of ownership granted my drive to work is only 2 miles from my house (30k miles on the truck). After going to 3 separate dealers in my area all of them are also doing the mark ups for the 2021 models anywhere between 2.5k - 5k. Anyone in their right mind should never pay for a mark up over MSRP, if you do you’re making a huge mistake. So yes there is inflation that is driving the prices of the used car market through the roof and the dealers know this and try to blame it on the “chip shortage”. I did find a dealer that was not marking up their trucks over MSRP but they did not want to give me what my truck is currently valued at from these car sources. In my case I refuse to pay anything over MSRP and so the search began to find a dealer that was not doing the mark ups. I ended up finding one 2 hours away from where I currently live and that’s where I went. On the dealers website they had a “value my trade in” options which they used KBB. They gave me 43k on my trade in (I still owed 20k) and I was able to get the incentives off my new Tri-coat white Denali baby dura. What I’ve learned is if you want to get a deal done without the so called “mark up” and get full value for your truck you need to go to a more rural area that won’t mark up theirs trucks to get people to come and buy. For those who are wanting to trade in there 2020’s to make 2k-3k off the top you’re making a grave mistake… nothing, and I mean nothing will ever put the same smile on my face as hopping into my Denali every morning for work. You can’t put a price on happiness! FYI if you’re going to go with the current incentives you have to finance through GM to get the 5k off. The lowest interest rate that they offer to my understanding is 4.2% I ended up getting a 5% rate with a 790 credit score. It made no difference to me because I was going to refinance anyway. There is a catch, you have to make 6 payments before you can actually refinance without penalty so this is something to think about if you do choose to buy right now.
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