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  1. Bumping this post Bc the link to the new location is not working. Could I get a repost of the link? Thanks.
  2. I’ve had the update done for about 3 months now and I haven’t had any issues.
  3. This happened to my truck in nov. Of last year. They had to order my truck a new windshield camera which controls all of those options. Took them 2 months to be able to get one in because of parts shortage. They actually had to acquire one from another dealer.. But this sounds like the same problem GL
  4. The pictures dont do it justice haha. The level will look great. I will be posting a list of my truck mods on here soon with prices I paid for all of it. I felt like I was scouring this site for answers to questions not to mention hours of YouTube videos. I want to make a thread that everyone can go to have their questions answered. Post pics when you get it done I want to see!
  5. I love the look of the 3.5’ Lift I wouldn’t change it back but when I purchase my next truck I will be going the level route instead of the lift. Anything above 4’ you’re just trying too hard. I think 3.5-4 is the perfect ride height and stance for the Denali. When I was tire searching I wasn’t bent on tire width. My main concern was the length of the side wall to fill the gap in the wheel well. Most people purchase 20” wheels with their new tire purchase which brings in a whole new world of tire sizes that makes it easier to fit without any rub. My wheels are the stock wheels I just painted them gloss black which makes it look so much better IMO. If this is your first lifted truck I would say get the 3.5’ lift you won’t be disappointed I promise just be aware of all the other headaches that may or may not come with lifting your truck. If you’re ok with that then do the 3.5’ just like I did. Get the 285/50/r22 not the 285/55/r22. That 1’ of tire size is honestly negligible.
  6. I’ve got about .5” of tire poke which is barely noticeable IMO. If you want to run 285/50/r22 tire I would make a choice on which AT tire is your favorite first and check the measurements of the tire. Not all manufacturers have the same measurements even though they’re the same sized tire. I went with the NGR because the reviews raved about how quiet the tire is and how aggressive the look. I wanted an AT tire that had the least amount of road noice but still looked awesome. I would personally stick with the AT3’s, NRG, Recon Grappler, or the G2’s.
  7. I have the RC 3.5” lift on my 2021 Denali with 285/55/r22 NRG tires on the stock 22” wheels. I found a great deal on these tires which is why I bought them but I did have to do minor trimmings and add 2” wheel spacers so they wouldn’t rub on the upper control arms. The shop I originally was going to take to get the lift put on said if I go 285/50/r22 I wouldn’t need anything, maybe some wheels spacers but it wouldn’t require any trimming. As for the ride.. the ride did get a bit stiffer but that’s just because of the size of tires I chose but the overall ride quality did change (the truck just felt slightly heavier only noticeable on the drive home). The ARC is still all in tacked and is still smooth. As much as I love my lift and tire set up my next truck will be the level route with the biggest AT tire I could fit without any rub. The maintenance required for these spacer lifts are just not something I would like to do for the lifetime of my truck (re-torques, replacing ball joints, ect.) always remember when lifting a truck past the level height it just puts stress on all these parts and over time they will need to be replaced more often than the stock parts that are on your truck now. The level route would be a set it and forget it kind of lift which is nice in the long run. Another thing to remember is that you can get the same size tire you have on your truck now but in a AT tire and it will always look bigger than what you have bc of the aggressive side walls and thread patterns. The shop you decide to do the lift or level at will tell you the biggest size you can go or you can be like me and scour this site and find exactly what you want. There are plenty of threads to help you along the way. I’ve owned 4 different trucks trucks in the past 11 years and this is my first lift ever. I don’t regret doing it especially when I have fellow truckers admiring my tastefully lifted Denali. Truck lifting is just a faze that I will be growing out of but for now I enjoy being the prince of the road. I leave the “kings of the road” to those who have the 6”+ lift trying to make up for their micro p****.
  8. The resonator delete and the S&B CAÍ are more for sound and aesthetics so it’s your call wether you want to make the purchase on those 2 mods. The banks pedal monster makes a big difference IMO. The pedal monster doesn’t give you more performance but it makes your truck more responsive when stepping on the pedal. It delivers the get up and go when you want it instead of there being a slight lag time. The tuner is probably what you’re looking for which banks from what I hear does a great job of designing for all diesel motors.
  9. I installed the AFE Blade runner hot and cold charge pipe kit and I also did not notice any difference in sound or performance. I have the banks pedal monster installed with the S&B CAI and i feel that those 2 mod make a difference on these 3.0. I will be getting the banks tuner as soon as it’s available hopefully sooner rather than later. I have my fingers crossed.
  10. Anyone install one yet? If so, how difficult was the install?
  11. This is my first GM truck I’ve owned that is white and I find that the door sills tend to get dirty faster than my 2 previous black GM’s I’ve owned. I’ve tried using some door sill guards that they sell on eBay but I’m not happy with them. They are already starting to peel. My question is does anyone have any luck with an appliqué they’ve used that’s durable on their trucks?
  12. Love this news. Banks claims we will be able to stack their pedal monster with this module. I have the pedal monster and I’m impressed with it so let’s see.
  13. I totally agree with you. GM is bumping the price 10k more for the refresh models when Ford has their lightning loaded with options for the same price and it’s just a better truck all around when it comes to tech and power. I feel like GM is behind the curve here.
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