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  1. I think it would fit, from a production perspective it makes no sense for GM to use different mounts for the elevation bumper. It might be cheaper though just to have the bumper painted at a local shop. I'm looking at doing the same thing for my 18 WT, but haven't found any elevation bumpers available anywhere. Even a replacement chrome bumper is $600-$800, just for one. You're likely better off having a shop repaint it. If you take it to your dealership and talk to their body shop, if they have one, they should be able to do it fairly easily as theyll already have colour matched paint easily available.
  2. I know this thread is really old but I figured I'd let anyone else looking into this know, you dont actually need the dealership to do this. GM kept telling me I needed a kit and "code" from GM to activate it, but it's actually mostly BS. My dealership (Canada) told me it would be $450-$500 ($400 for kit and 1hr labour). Dorman, sells a kit that includes an OBD2 programmer, and you get an OEM fob with the kit. My truck was an 18 WT that only came with keys, but I do have TPMS and I think it uses the TPMS receiver to connect to the truck. All I had to do was plug the programmer into the OBD2 port, turn the ignition on, and "Keyless programming" popped up on the in dash display, then held the lock and unlock button for a few seconds, and it programmed to my truck and works great. Great range too, only tested it too about 100ft but worked first click, and fob is identical to the OEM. Kit was only $100 CAD, and anyone can do it if they can find an OBD port. Much cheaper than the $450 I was quoted at the dealer.
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