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  1. Got any pictures of the truck you could post? What brand/model tires did you put on? Must be LT? 10 ply tires, load E usually, are much heavier than P rated SUV/Truck tires. I think almost all 35s are LT rated tires and technically built for HD/1 ton trucks basically, and built for way more than a half ton can even carry. Theyre strong but 20-30lbs heavier per tire. That's a LOT more weight to spin for the engine. Theres a few lightweight 33" P rated tires and maybe a couple in 34", but all 35" I know of are the much heavier LT. On my 2018 when I went from stock tire to LT rated 33" tires and a 2" level I lost about 10-15% of my gas mileage and a bit of acceleration too. I've got a NBS 2019 now and been looking around on what kits best. Cant decide between a 2" level or a 3-4" kit.
  2. Hey everyone, I know this is a 6.2 thread, but I've got a '19 5.3 Elevation 8 speed and I've also noticed worse gas mileage than my 2018 5.3 6 speed. About 1.5-2mpg worse. When I bought my 2019 it actually came off the lot with really low tire pressure, only about 30psi on 50psi capable tires, I put them up to 40 ish and it did help a bit with my mileage. Not a big difference but a half mpg or so. Worth checking your tire pressure and trying going up a bit higher. I was surprised how low the tire pressure from the factory was and not sure if that's standard or a one off
  3. I owned a 2012 Sierra 6.2L, 6 speed, a 2017 ram 5.7L 6 speed, then an 2018 Sierra 5.3L 6 speed, and now a 19 5.3L 8 speed Sierra, and the 8 speed 5.3L feels almost as fast as my 2012 6.2L did. I don't regret buying the 5.3L this time around. I still love it just as much as I love my 2012 6.2L. I raced my friends 2012 5.7 Ram (6 speed 3.92 gears) a month or so ago, in my new 19 5.3L, and we were dead even and hes got a custom tune, long tubes and CAI, but he is running a 3" lift and his truck weighs about 8-900lbs more, but has a lower payload and the same tow capacity. Considering all the other mods, hes pushing out at the very least 400-410hp, and my 19 5.3L 8 speed, 3.42 gears, was dead even with him. My 2018 5.3L 6 speed felt a bit slow though, it felt a lot weaker compared to the 2019 8 speed and for my 2018 I did wish I got a 6.2L, but when 19 came around with the 8 speed I figured I'd give the 5.3L another chance since the price was right. GM really improved the responsiveness of the 5.3L in 2019 by matching it with the 8 speed. ALSO!! Great news!! It looks like the new Scorcher tuner for the NEW 5.3L L84 motor with DFM, is being released at the end of the month. I noticed on their site is now says shipping begins on October 31st 2019, so if that's correct, the possibility of tuning and real aftermarket mods just opened up. Also, if you think the new 5.3L might be underpowered, which it isn't, but if you're worried and dont want to fork out the extra for a 6.2L, get a flex fuel 5.3L, I think its like a $100 option. Running E85 in the 5.3L it makes around 380hp and 415ft lbs of torque. That's pretty damn good power and more than most people actually need. The 6.2L is a great motor, but so is the 5.3L with the 8 speed, and it you run it on E85, it feels pretty damn powerful. If you've got the money, go got the 6.2L, but these new 2019 5.3Ls are a different beast compared to the 18s and I don't regret giving the 5.3 another chance. It's got enough power to at least smoke the young kids in their old civics, I even beat my buddies 2004 Infiniti G35.
  4. Im almost positive the 6L80E was originally offered with the 6.2L V8 when it came out, around 2012 if I recall, before the 8 and 10 speeds showed up. The engine can definitely handle at least 400hp. From what I've read, some hot rodders even use it even. It may be a little rough around the edges, mine rough shifted every once in a while, but I think they're pretty strong. If you dont have the tow package with the trans cooler maybe look into that though and keep an eye on temps if towing/fully loaded. Mine ran a bit hot but I heard that's normal too. Im in a new 2019 elevation with the 8 speed now, and I'll be very curious to see how it holds up. I've heard some guys on here are having issues with it but so far its running cooler and pretty smooth.
  5. I think it would fit, from a production perspective it makes no sense for GM to use different mounts for the elevation bumper. It might be cheaper though just to have the bumper painted at a local shop. I'm looking at doing the same thing for my 18 WT, but haven't found any elevation bumpers available anywhere. Even a replacement chrome bumper is $600-$800, just for one. You're likely better off having a shop repaint it. If you take it to your dealership and talk to their body shop, if they have one, they should be able to do it fairly easily as theyll already have colour matched paint easily available.
  6. I know this thread is really old but I figured I'd let anyone else looking into this know, you dont actually need the dealership to do this. GM kept telling me I needed a kit and "code" from GM to activate it, but it's actually mostly BS. My dealership (Canada) told me it would be $450-$500 ($400 for kit and 1hr labour). Dorman, sells a kit that includes an OBD2 programmer, and you get an OEM fob with the kit. My truck was an 18 WT that only came with keys, but I do have TPMS and I think it uses the TPMS receiver to connect to the truck. All I had to do was plug the programmer into the OBD2 port, turn the ignition on, and "Keyless programming" popped up on the in dash display, then held the lock and unlock button for a few seconds, and it programmed to my truck and works great. Great range too, only tested it too about 100ft but worked first click, and fob is identical to the OEM. Kit was only $100 CAD, and anyone can do it if they can find an OBD port. Much cheaper than the $450 I was quoted at the dealer.
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