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  1. I had a leaky injector at 10k miles that took multiple visits to find, dealer cut my wiring loose and let it hang I complained they whined and said they would order all new clips for fuel rail loom, I never heard a thing and ended up tie wrapping them myself. SAME dealer that couldn't get the oil filter tight and it leaked all over my new driveway, long haired guy with tattoos on his face and neck was the woRker on my truck, I called him out and bitched and he said "faulty filter" LMAO I have never went back to LITHIA Chevrolet in Spokane Wa and never will. Grossly incompetent in the service dept.
  2. First thing is a quality Load distributing hitch setup that will put the weight across all of your axles, then I would add the Roadmaster active suspension set up and crank it up to the 40% feeler gauge. Drive it and see what you think, then of you need something more I would add a nice set of Bilstein 5100's to the rear and see how you like it. YES run the tires at their highest pressure when towing if they are you stock ones as I predict they are rated for under 3000#s. The front shocks I run are Bilstein 5160 coilovers. I tow a 24' car enclosed car hauler between Lake Havasu and Spokane up through Utah and Montana regularly and this setup is very sweet. No bucking bronco or pogo blah blah. First run was all stock no good hitch even, a lot of sag and a light front end but plenty of power with my 6.2.........lol Look at this guys channel he has a Bilstein install as well as a Timbren suspension upgrade Pretty funny as well. These things REALLY work amazingly
  3. Looks excellent, I would have one if I could get matching for m y pearl white, all they offer is black or wimbledon white on the website and I have no real place to make a paint booth even but thinking about looking at a matching wrap material. Does it vibrate or shake at highway speeds? Great job
  4. Different part #s for diffferent vehicles/engines is what the other poster is stating. We don't know which one you are selling, perhaps list the make/model of your truck and or the Pulsar part # you have. Cheers
  5. Over 20k miles on my Pulsar, took it off a few times for oil changes etc. Never any issues yet of any type, works as it should for me and I am very happy with it. Cheers
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